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NUCH  SECH  Shandor's Fashion Freak

: 2008-05-07
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: Hairless
: 34.00cm (13.3") / 6.10kg (13.4#)
Ann Kristin Solen (Shandor, Norge)
Ann Kristin Solen (Shandor, Norge)
  • ©Ann Kristin Solen

  • ©Kennel Shandor

  • ©Ann Kristin Solen

  • Tevez 13 mnd gammel.
    ©Ann Kristin Solen, Kennel Shandor

  • Tevez Bir 30.09.09
    ©Ann Kristin Solen, Kennel Shandor

  • ©Ann Kristin Solen, Kennel Shandor

  • Jumping high and low :)
    ©Ann Kristin Solen, Kennel Shandor

  • Tevez og søster Foxy :)
    ©Ann Kristin Solen, Kennel Shandor

  • "Tevez" 8 mnd
    ©Ann Kristin Solen

  • ©Ann Kristin Solen

  • ©Ann Kristin Solen

  • ©Ann Kristin Solen

Siblings (5)


Shandor's Fluffy Faith
Shandor's Flirting Fia
Shandor's Famous Foxy
Shandor's Fashion Freak
Shandor's Flashing Fun

Offspring (26) (Descendents)

dob: 2013-04-20  Dam: Chineseblue's Just Sweet Like Sugar

Artic Flyer's Fashion Fantazy
Artic Flyer's Fashion Fortune
Artic Flyer's Fashion Freak
Artic Flyer's Fashion Fabulous

dob: 2013-01-09  Dam: De La Mahafu's Love's Franchesca

Zanevi's Epikur
Zanevi's Embla
Zanevi's Elmo
Zanevi's Emma

dob: 2012-11-23  Dam: Tournais Sunny Side Up

Tournais Fake It Til You Make It
Tournais Sunnyside Blues Goes Nude
Tournais Black betty Blues
Tournais A Boy Called Sue

dob: 2011-03-26  Dam: Tournais Baccara

Shandor's Jack Daniels
Shandor's Jumping Jolly
Shandor's Jippie Jeey
Shandor's Joking Jackaroo

dob: 2011-01-28  Dam: Zaffe's Pandora Minelli

Zaffe's Fashion Messi
Zaffe's Fernando Micko
Zaffe's Freak Mani
Zaffe's Madam Florrie
Zaffe's Monique Felicia
Zaffe's Melizza Fianca

dob: 2009-12-14  Dam: Tournais Baccara

Ch. Shandor's Hurricane Hamlet
Shandor's Happy Harmony
Shandor's Holly Hotshot
Shandor's Heroic Hercules

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