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EECH  INTCH  NUCH  SECH  NORDW-10 MULTICH LVCH LVW-11 FINCH NORDCH NV- 14 LVW-12 NV-13Jafari's Jasmine Jenny's Walkabout

Reg. no
: S28809/2008
: 2008-03-11
: Mahogny och vit
: Hairless
: 33.00cm (12.9") / 5.80kg (12.7#)
Helena Karlsson (Jafari's, Sverige)
Monica Moen (Moelmo, Norge)
  • ©Kennel Moelmo

  • Nala BOB and NEW NV-13 at NKK Lillestrøm 2013
    ©Lillemor Böös

  • ©Katariina Kahri

  • Nala at Helsinki INT show 22 Mai 2011, going 2nd best female with res.CACIB!
    ©Sami Osenius

  • ©Kennel Moelmo

  • Nala 4 yeard old
    ©Kennel Moelmo

  • Beautiful head <3
    ©Kennel Moelmo

  • Nala in Rauma NAT show. Ended up as BOS
    ©Kennel Royalette

  • BOB and BOS (Inya Dreams Eye Candy) at Latvian Winner show 2012
    ©Kennel Royalette

  • Nala at Latvian winner show going BOB with 2 new titles: INTCH and LVW-12!!
    ©Kennel Royalette

  • Nala BIG3 In Riga at Latvian winner show 17/3-12
    ©Ilze Fraimane

  • Nala 3 years old
    ©Katariina Kahri

  • ©Kennel Royalette

  • Nala in Rauma FIN.
    ©Kennel Royalette

  • Nala 2'nd best female with res.cac and res.cacib in Turku INT jan. 11
    ©Kennel Royalette's

  • Nala Estonian Champion

  • Nala new Latvian Champion and Latwian Winner-11
    ©Kennel Imperial Dream

  • ©Kennel Royalette's

  • Nala in Turku
    ©Kennel Royalette's

  • Nala when she became Swedish Champion at Stockholm INT Show december 2010
    ©Katariina Kahri

  • Nala NUCH 2 years and 1 month old:)
    ©Kennel Moelmo

  • ©Kennel Little Jade

  • ©Kennel Little Jade

  • Nala
    ©Kennel Moelmo

  • ©Marianne Neeraas

  • Nala 15 mnd old
    ©Kennel Moelmo

  • ©Kennel Moelmo

  • ©Marianne Neeraas

  • ©Marianne Neeraas

  • Nala 14 mnd
    ©Kennel Moelmo

  • Nala winning BIG on her second show ever:)!!
    ©Kennel Moelmo

  • Nala running 14 mnds old
    ©Marianne Neeraas

  • Nala running home the CC and BOS
    ©Kennel Moelmo

  • ©Kennel Moelmo

  • ©Kennel Moelmo

  • Nala 10 mnd
    ©Kennel Moelmo

  • Nala running
    ©Kennel Moelmo

  • Nala 10.mnd
    ©Marie Eriksson

  • ©Shellcrestz

  • ©Shellcrestz

  • ©Shellcrestz

  • ©Shellcrestz

  • ©Shellcrestz

  • ©Kennel Jafari's

  • ©Kennel Jafari's

  • ©Kennel Jafari's

  • ©Kennel Jafari's



7*CAC in Norway,
1*CAC in Sweden
1*CAC in Estonia
1*CAC in Latvia
1*CAC in Lithuania
1*CAC in Finland
1* res.CAC in Finland

13 BOB
2*BIG 3
5 * CACIB (in Norway)
1 CACIB (in Sweden)
2*CACIB (in Latvia)
1*CACIB (in Finland)
2* Res.CACIB (in Finland)

Norwegian Winner 2014
Norwegian Winner 2013
International champion (2012)
Latvian winner 12
Nordic Champion
Finnish Champion
Latvian Winner 11
Latvian Champion
Estonian Champion
Swedish champion
Nordicwinner 2010
Norwegian champion

Most winning Chinese Crested (hairless) At NKK 2014

Most winning junior bitch in Norway 2009!!

2nd most winning cc bitch in Norway 2010

#1 Broodbitch in Sweden 2012
#1 Broodbitch in Sweden 2013

Siblings (6)


Jafari's QueenBee Mistica
Jafari's Casino Clubbin
Jafari's Cornelia CopperNickle


Jafari's My Jekyll Doesn't Hyde
Jafari's Handsome Handyman
Jafari's Jasmine Jenny's Walkabout

Offspring (13) (Descendents)

dob: 2015-02-21  Sire: Shandor's Hurricane Hamlet

Moelmo's Save The Best For Last
Moelmo's Silent Storm
Moelmo's See Me Say Wow

dob: 2013-05-24  Sire: Artic Flyer's Born To Play

Ch. Moelmo's Never Look Back

dob: 2012-10-20  Sire: Twice as Nice Slippery When Wet

Ch. Moelmo's Little Miss Attitude

dob: 2011-09-03  Sire: Sun-Hee's Dressed For Success

Moelmo's Kiss and Tell
Ch. Moelmo's Keep Your Promise At Zucci
Ch. Moelmo's Killer Instinct
Moelmo's Kindest There Is

dob: 2010-09-05  Sire: Twice as Nice On Fire

Moelmo's Ini Mini
Moelmo's Instant Care
Ch. Moelmo's Irresistible Me
Moelmo's Imagine Me

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