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Crest-Vue's Champagne On Ice

: 2007-05-05
: Pink/Chocolate wwm
: Hairless
: 31.00cm (12.2") / 5.40kg (11.9#)
Karen Fischer (Crest-Vue's, USA)
Inger Jacobsen, Kristiansand
  • 13.04.13
    ©Heidi Strand

  • 13.04.13
    ©Heidi Strand

  • 13.04.13
    ©Heidi Strand

  • 13.04.13
    ©Heidi Strand

  • Juni 2012

  • Juni 2012

  • ©Yunao´s

  • Mai2012

  • ©Yunao´s

  • ©Yunao´s

  • ©Yunao´s

  • ©Crest-Vue's

  • 5 months

Siblings (7)


Crest-Vue's Go'N All The Way
Crest-Vue's High Roll'N


Crest-Vue's Aint Nothin Like Jack
Crest-Vue's Kahlua and Cream
Crest-Vue's Bacardi Run
Crest-Vue's Champagne On Ice
Crest-Vue This Buds For You

Offspring (21) (Descendents)

dob: 2013-05-27  Sire: Absolute Souls Snickers

Absolute Souls Dream Catcher
Ch. Absolute Souls Dream Lover
Absolute Souls Dream Jumper
Absolute Souls Dream Fantasy
Absolute Souls Dream Heart
Absolute Souls Dream Chaser
Absolute Souls Dream Potion

dob: 2012-03-01  Sire: Yunao's Chester Carayan

Yunao's Jankara Juvi Jolin
Yunao's Jamika Jida Jindrai
Yunao's Jakiro Jon Jari
Yunao's Jamiro Jo Jeron
Yunao's Jakito Jim Jarou
Yunao's Jorika Jil Jadou

dob: 2010-12-09  Sire: Twice as Nice Made You Smile

Mongoshi K-ONE for Exotic Dinaburg
Mongoshi Kongo
Mongoshi Karina Black & White
Mongoshi Kucaracha
Mongoshi K'Ching
Ch. Mongoshi Kash

dob: 2009-11-12  Sire: Lionheart Kool Advise

Ch. Mongoshi Hey You
Mongoshi Here I am

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