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Joyway's Unicorn Magic

: 2007-09-04
: black white
: Hairless
Marianne Virta (Joyway's, Finland)
Satu Satuvaara (Unicorn Dream, Finland)
Terhi Nuutila
  • at his first show 6/2008

  • ©TN

  • 11 months
    ©Asko Ikonen

  • 9 months
    ©Marianne Salminen

  • 5 months
    ©Terhi Nuutila

  • 2.3.2008

  • winter fun ;)

  • nice front :D

  • 3 months
    ©Terhi Nuutila

  • 10 weeks
    ©Terhi Nuutila

  • 5 weeks
    ©Marianne Salminen

  • 3.10.2007

  • ©satu

  • 2 weeks

  • ©satu


1 CC

Siblings (6)


Joyway's Unicorn Joy
Joyway's Unicorn Magic
Joyway's Unicorn Love
Joyway's Unicorn Hope
Joyway's Unicorn Kiss
Joyway's Unicorn Hug

Offspring (20) (Descendents)

dob: 2010-09-05  Dam: Candy Queen's I'm Just A Girl

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Candy Queen's Jane Became Insane
Candy Queen's Johnny Be Good

dob: 2010-08-02  Dam: Kuminaaman Fantasia

Kuminaaman Joyleaf
Kuminaaman Jiminy Cricket
Kuminaaman Jungle Boy
Ch. Kuminaaman Jolly Jumper

dob: 2010-06-05  Dam: Sun Dan Chocolate Baby

Naked Night's Lonely Rider

dob: 2010-05-11  Dam: Sun Dan Cover Girl

Ch. Maybell's Gimme Sympathy
Maybell's Gimme Love
Maybell's Gimme Hugs
Maybell's Gimme Magic
Maybell's Gimme Fame
Maybell's Gimme Joy

dob: 2009-10-03  Dam: Mon Cherie Amitycja

Viuvaun Magee Mimmi
Viuvaun Matti Mainio
Viuvaun Mikko Mallikas
Viuvaun Mollamaija

dob: 2009-03-22  Dam: Kuminaaman Fantasia

Ch. Kuminaaman Hard Rock Cafe
Kuminaaman Hennessy Paradis

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