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Just Now von Shinbashi

: 2006-10-04
: White - black
: Hairless
Annerose Demski (von Shinbashi, Tyskland)
St.-Petersburg (Natalia Poddubnaya, Russland)
  • ©"Volshebnaja Loshadka"Tanya Romanova

  • ©"Volshebnaja Loshadka"Tanya Romanova

  • ©"Volshebnaja Loshadka"Tanya Romanova

  • ©"Volshebnaja Loshadka"Tanya Romanova

Siblings (10)


Just Like Black Satin von Shinbashi
Jut Out Von Shinbashi
Just Now von Shinbashi


Ultra Cool von Shinbashi
Undressed Angel von Shinbashi
Unbreakable Volution von Shinbashi


Highness von Shinbashi
Heartbeat von Shinbashi
Havanna von Shinbashi
Honey von Shinbashi

Offspring (13) (Descendents)

dob: 2010-11-21  Sire: Angel Look Magic Horse

Volshebnaja Loshadka His Game
Volshebnaja Loshadka Hot Snow
Volshebnaja Loshadka Happy Together
Volshebnaja Loshadka Hi From Russia

dob: 2009-01-19  Sire: Shida Over the Top

Ch. Volshebnaja Loshadka Victory Life
Ch. Volshebnaja Loshadka Voland
Ch. Volshebnaja Loshadka Valkyrie
Volshebnaja Loshadka Virgin doll

dob: 2008-06-25  Sire: Shida Over the Top

Volshebnaja Loshadka JU-TU
Ch. Volshebnaja Loshadka Ju-Piter Alvine Band
Ch. Volshebnaja Loshadka JUBILANTA
Volshebnaja Loshadka JURLIKA
Ch. Volshebnaja Loshadka Ju-Mer's Silver Tauer

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