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VDHCH  VDHJCH  CERJCH  , BJS, EXOTE PAR EXCELLENCE, Juniorchampion of Germany VDH , Bundesjugendsieger, Dt. Juniorchamipon CER, dt. Champion VDHThe Best of Best at N'Co
"Bobby "

: 2006-12-28
: Dark Brown with markings
: Hairless
: 31.50cm (12.4") / 5.80kg (12.7#)
(N'Co, USA)
Miselli Anna (Lady Ml, Italia)
Alan L.
  • a proud father of many champions,
    looks good and feels good.

  • feeling good on sunny weather

  • thank GOD ! finaly sunshine !
    So time to play !!!

  • Bobby in Garden

  • ©Mongoshi

  • ©A.D.


2x BOB
1x BJS
9x CAC VHD / V1

PLL/PRA CLEAR perfect in health

Siblings (3)


The Obvious Conclusion at N'Co
The Foreign Affair at N'Co
The Best of Best at N'Co

Offspring (46) (Descendents)

dob: 2013-01-14  Dam: Lady Ml Fairy Felicity

Lady Ml Ilary
Lady Ml I Love You
Lady ml Indy
Lady Ml Italian Girl
Lady Ml Isabell
Lady Ml I Am Lovely
Lady Ml I Am Beautiful

dob: 2012-07-19  Dam: Insolente Little Champs

Golden Sunpower Anaïs
Golden Sunpower Alisar
Golden Sunpower Alizée

dob: 2010-07-18  Dam: Lionheart Kopyright Kan-Kan

Mongoshi Innocent
Mongoshi Issay Miyake

dob: 2009-06-14  Dam: My Longtime Companion Dolores

Fornarina Mongoshi
Flo Rida Mongoshi
Fairytale Mongoshi
Freestyler Mongoshi
French Kiss Mongoshi
Fashion Style Mongoshi

dob: 2009-02-02  Dam: Glitter Girl Von Shinbashi

Evita Mongoshi
Ella e La Mongoshi
Etienne Mongoshi
Echnaton Mongoshi
Enya Mongoshi
El Pacino Mongoshi

dob: 2009-01-18  Dam: Magic Carpet's Eagle Eye Cherry

DKNY Mongoshi
Dakota Mongoshi
Don Ed Mongoshi

dob: 2008-11-21  Dam: My Longtime Companion Dolores

Crazy in Love Mongoshi

dob: 2008-05-26  Dam: Peppermint Sweet von Shinbashi

Delight von Shinbashi
Diamond von Shinbashi
Ch. Desteny's Child von Shinbashi
Dream For Fantasy Island von Shinbashi
Ch. Am/Can Ch Design For Mongoshi von Shinbashi
Dainty Roxette von Shinbashi

dob: 2008-03-14  Dam: Fantastik Kashmir Mikelina Tail

Ch. Zayadena von Shinbashi
Zsa Gong von Shinbashi
Zchin Zchin von Shinbashi
Ch. Zsa Zsa Gabor von Shinbashi
Zayonara von Shinbashi
Zafira von Shinbashi
Zucci's Choice von Shinbashi

dob: 2008-03-03  Dam: Magic Carpet's Eye Catcher

Felisha from Angels Fundation
Ch. Fanciful Choice from Angels Fundation
Filias Fips from Angels Fundation
Fiona from Angels Fundation

dob: 2008-02-20  Dam: Oriental Jokes Vanina

Yandoo von Shinbashi

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