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2006 - 2019
Mirbon's Kimba

Reg. no
: 51143/06
: 2006-10-30
: Hairless
Mirja-Leena Säily (Mirbon, Finland)
Outi Pulkkinen
  • 10 years
    ©Outi pulkkinen

  • 2013

  • ©Miina

  • ©Miina

  • ©Miina

  • ©Mirbon's

  • ©H.K 2010

  • ©Mirbon's

  • At the beach 2011
    ©Riikka Holappa

  • Kimba at the beach 2011
    ©Riikka Holappa

  • ©Mirbon's

  • ©Mirbon's

  • Oulu show 2009

  • Kaivopuisto 07

  • Kaivopuisto 07 summer

  • Summer 07

  • ©Mirkku

  • 10.1.2007


PLL-clear, PRA-prcd clear by parents

2 x EXC + BM4
1 x EXC + BM3

Siblings (4)


Mirbon's Kiiwi
Mirbon's Kira
Mirbon's Kukka
Mirbon's Kimba

Offspring (29) (Descendents)

dob: 2013-07-27  Dam: Mooncrystal's Afrodite

Höpäntöpän Caposen Ali

dob: 2012-10-05  Dam: Chinese Pearl Millans Prima Donna

Kirmil's Kiara
Kirmil's James

dob: 2012-09-08  Dam: Cullen Fia

Miinuksen Black Happy Angel

dob: 2012-04-21  Dam: Crestiny's Above The Sky

Goldenmind Fairies Wear Boots
Goldenmind Sabbraca Dabra

dob: 2012-02-04  Dam: Sun Dan Candyfloss

Mooncrystal's Bachelor Of Hearts
Mooncrystal's Beautiful Ones
Mooncrystal's Baby Cuddles
Mooncrystal's Black Jack
Mooncrystal's Burning Secret
Mooncrystal's Baby Face
Mooncrystal's Behold Your Dreams
Mooncrystal's Be My Valentine

dob: 2011-06-07  Dam: Goldenbay's Happy New Year

Jarlein Rocella
Jarlein Robin

dob: 2010-09-04  Dam: Kaunisvirran Orchidaceae

Cullen Hilda
Cullen HelinäKeiju
Cullen Honey Bee
Cullen Hemuli
Cullen Herbert

dob: 2009-07-03  Dam: Kukur Baba's Ace of Hearts

Meadowwood's Special For You
Meadowwood's Summer Dove
Meadowwood's She's The One
Meadowwood's Surprise Love
Meadowwood's Sweet Little Joy

dob: 2009-04-25  Dam: Chinese Pearl Millans Prima Donna

Ch. Kirmil's Daisy
Kirmil's Eddie
Kirmil's Cinderella

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