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Hi Kuy Kataka Avokaduh

Reg. no
: 1930
: 2005-10-11
: brown
: Hairless
: 29.00cm (11.4")
Magdaléna Hudáková (Avokaduh, Tsjekkia)
Jana Kagramanovová (Soncco Cua, Tsjekkia)
  • ©marie.hajducce

  • ©cheva

  • ©cheva

  • ©avokaduh


1x excellent 1, CAC (CR)
1x excellent 1, CAJC (CR)
1x excellent 1, VTM (CR)

3x excellent 2
1x excellent 3
1x excellent 4

Siblings (5)


Hanny Kikiana Avokaduh
Hi Kuy Kataka Avokaduh
Heron Lake Avokaduh
Holla Chica Avokaduh
Heroico Aren Avokaduh

Offspring (21) (Descendents)

dob: 2011-06-29  Sire: Wild Horse Favonius Poland

Bacardi Soncco Cua
Balvenie Soncco Cua
Bisquit Soncco Cua
Baileys Soncco Cua
Barbero Soncco Cua
Ballantine's Soncco Cua

dob: 2010-06-19  Sire: His Exellency Haro Garden Roses

All Pacino Soncco Cua
Antonio Marco Soncco Cua
Anastacia Lovely Soncco Cua
Arakain Bonny Soncco Cua
Angelica Bela Soncco Cua
Apache nice Moon Soncco Cua

dob: 2009-01-09  Sire: Kim Pupo-Haichi

Basia Mille Rose of Silesia
Beare Amor Rose of Silesia
Bellus Vita Rose of Silesia

dob: 2009-01-09  Sire:

Beare Am

dob: 2008-01-29  Sire: Sasquehanna Zenek

Aqua Vitae Rose of Silesia
Ch. Arche Vita Rose of Silesia
Amabilis Calla Rose of Silesia
Ch. Altoria Peto Rose of Silesia
Ars Amandi Rose of Silesia

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