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INTCH(FCI)  LTCH  MOLCH  PLCH  PLJCH  ROMCH  RUSCH  MOLGCH, MOLSGCH, PlJW '07, Midd&East EurJW '07, Transilvania Winner '09Valentino Favonius

Reg. no
: PKR.IX-48710
: 2006-10-24
: red&white
: Hairless
: 34.00cm (13.3")
Jolanta Mikolajczak (Favonius, Polen)
Matylda Roslaniec (Only Salsa, Polen)
  • ©salsa

  • Valentino with his son Mr.Banana
    ©Only Salsa

  • Best of Breed on International Show Arad + Transilvania Winner
    3 years old
    ©artagasamazis kennel

  • 2 years

  • ©IRIS S

  • ©Joanna Karasiewicz

  • ©Gattaca

  • ©artagasamazis

  • ©Fagremi kennel

  • ©fagremi kennel

  • Valentino
    ©Gattaca kennel

  • 3 years old
    ©katarzyna mateusiak

  • on the move
    ©sua sponte kennel

  • matylda and vini

  • ©fagremi kennel

  • ©salsa kennel

  • CAC & Polish Champion finnished !!!
    ©Fagremi kennel

  • ©Fagremi kennel

  • ©kate8828

  • flying :)

  • ©salsa kennel

  • ©fera viva kennel

  • in movement
    ©fera viva kennel

  • ©fera viva kennel

  • 19 months
    ©fera viva kennel

  • in movement
    ©fera viva kennel

  • Middle&Eastern European Junior Winner, Poland Junior Winner

  • CAC
    ©Salsa kennel

  • ©Sua Sponte kennel

  • ©Sua Sponte kennel

  • 9 months
    ©Sua Sponte kennel

  • Bialystok CACIB show

  • 9 months
    ©Sua Sponte kennel

  • ©Sua Sponte kennel

  • BIS Puppy Szczecin CACIB

  • 8 months

  • ©Salsa

  • ©Salsa kennel

  • BOB Puppy
    ©Salsa kennel

  • 6 weeks old
    ©Favonius kennel

  • ©Favonius kennel

  • 10 weeks
    ©Favonius kennel

  • 10 weeks
    ©Favonius kennel

  • 3 months
    ©Sua Sponte kennel

  • 3 months
    ©Sua Sponte kennel


4x BOB
8x BOS
2x resCACIB
16x CAC
Cupa Transilvanei Winner'09
Middle & Eastern EUROPEAN Junior Winner'07
Poland Junior Winner'07
Christmas Cup Junior Winner'07
Vilnius Winter Junior Winner'07
3x BOB Junior
5x BOB Puppy

Polish Junior Champion
Polish Champion
Russian Champion
Lithuanian Champion
Romanian Champion
Moldovian Champion
Moldovian Grand Champion
Moldovian Super Grand Champion
German-VDH Champion started

Siblings (6)


Vermuth Favonius
Vincent Favonius
Viva Espana Favonius
Valentino Favonius


X-men Favonius

No birth date recorded

Vermouth Favonius

Offspring (19) (Descendents)

dob: 2013-08-03  Dam: BONA Grzywkomania

CZARDASZ Valp fra Elizabeth
Cassyopeya Valp Fra Elizabeth
Checkmate Valp Fra Elizabeth (fci)
Charming Valp Fra Elizabeth (fci)
Chanchiro Valp Fra Elizabeth(FCI)

dob: 2011-06-02  Dam: Jagodka z Gangu Lysych

Dominikana Artagasamazis
Denver Artagasamazis
Ch. Delhi Artagasamazis

dob: 2010-05-10  Dam: Rossa Nesjana

Kasandra Leskal
Kalipso Leskal
Kenzo Leskal
Karmen Leskal
Katrina Leskal

dob: 2010-02-15  Dam: Cioccolata Amara Salsa

Brioche at Only Salsa
Ch. Biscotti Only Salsa
Baklava Almond Only Salsa
Ch. Bellini Sorbet Only Salsa
Ch. Blancmange Only Salsa
Ch. Banana Split Only Salsa

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