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Hossey Chrustowianki

: 2006-02-12
: Hairless
Mariusz Testka (Chrustowianki, Polen)
Romana Jung (Mana's Secret's, Tyskland)

  • ©Romana Jung

  • ©Romana Jung

  • ©Romana Jung

  • ©Alicja Testka

  • ©Alicja Testka

  • ©Romana Jung

  • ©Romana Jung

Siblings (17)


Eol Chrustowianki
Eros Chrustowianki
Ecco Chrustowianki
Elf Chrustowianki
Escada Chrustowianki


Feniks Chrustowianki
Fasti Chrustowianki
Forssey Chrustowianki
Fokus Chrustowianki
Femma Chrustowianki
Fambi Chrustowianki


Hiper Chrustowianki
Hossey Chrustowianki
Heysse Chrustowianki
Hugo Chrustowianki
Heban Chrustowianki
Happy Chrustowianki

Offspring (13) (Descendents)

dob: 2011-06-13  Dam: Peanut of Magical Beings

Conan of Little twinkling Stars
Casper of Little twinkling Stars
Candee of Little twinkling Stars
Cooper of Little twinkling Stars

dob: 2009-11-20  Dam: Cute Little Twinkle von Shinbashi

Cherry Mana's Secret's
Cracker Mana's Secret's
Mana's Cherry
Candy Mana's Secret's
Capitan Jack Mana's Secret's
Chic und Easy Mana's Secret's

dob: 2009-08-02  Dam: Kristine ze Zatopene Chajdy

Black Shadow Mana's Secret's
Bailey Mana' Secret's
Brandy Mana's Secret's

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