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2006 - 2018
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: 2006-05-03
: brown spotted
: Hairless
Eva Vincent-Schmid (Oriental Jokes, Frankrike)
Manuela Hendel (Yaquinas, Tyskland)
  • ?

  • ©Yaquinas

  • Monsieur and Topengha

  • Bundes-Veteransieger 2016

  • 20.08.2016

  • 20.08.2016

  • 04.03.16 zielona gora
    Best Veteran in show 2 place

  • nightshow Bydgoszcz 13.02.2016
    V1 in champion class and BOB

  • 04.03.16 Cac Zielona Gora V1 Best Veteran

  • Cac Lubin 2016
    ©Karolina Poplawska

  • ©yaquinas/ Leonhard

  • Int. Dortmund 16.10.2015
    Ex.1 cac,cacib
    Herbstsieger 2015
    ©yaquinas/ Leonhard

  • oktober 2015 9,5 years old
    ©yaquinas/ Leonhard

  • ©Yaquinas

  • ©Yaquinas

  • ©Yaquinas

  • ©Yaquinas

  • ©Mareike Wegner

  • ©Yaquinas

  • ©Yaquinas

  • ©Yaquinas

  • Clubshow 2012 V1 cac
    ©Ann Katrin

  • ©j.Zimny

  • ©yaquinas

  • Cacib Wels 6.12.2014
    V1 cac and Res. Cacib

  • father and daughter

  • ©yaquinas

  • Bundessieger Dortmund 2014
    Platz 1 bester Veteran und BOB
    bei 59 gemeldeten Hunden

  • VDH Veteransieger Leipzig 2014

  • German winner Veteran 2014

  • :-)

  • Sep 2013

  • My big love :-)

  • 25.08.2013
    Cacib Leipzig
    V1,cac,cacib and best male

  • 24.08.2013
    Cacib Leipzig
    V1,cac and res. cacib

  • 11.08.2013 cac Beelitz
    V1,cac,best male,BOB
    CER Best in show !!
    ©J. Rook

  • 10.08.2013 cac Beelitz
    V1,cac,best male and BOB :-)

  • Cacib Erfurt
    V1,cac,cacib best male and BOB

  • :-)

  • 11.05.2013 Esa Dortmund
    V1 cac,cacib,Bos and Bob
    Europasieger 2013

  • feb 2013

  • CACIB Nürnberg 2013
    V1,CAC,CACIB,best male and BOB

  • Monsieur winning Champion class at the CAC show in Beelitz-Germany today and finishing the day with Best of Breed and Best in Show.

  • Dresden 2011 V1 CAC,VDH CAC,CACIB,BOB,BIG 2 :-)

  • Holidays in Denmark

  • European Winner Show 2010, Couple Class Competition second was uch a great fun!!!

  • ©chirokee/ yaquina`s

  • ©yaquinas

  • Prag 2009

  • ©Yaquina`s

  • Dortmund Missi and Easy

  • Best In Show Unna

  • Cacib Leipzig BIG 3

  • BIG 2 Erfurt 08

  • ©Yaquina`s

  • ©Yaquina`s

  • ©Yaquina`s

  • ©E. Vincent-Schmid


Best Chinese Crested 2008 in Germany
Best Chinese Crested 2013 in Germany
Best Chinese Crested Veteran 2014
in Germany

36 V1,31xVDH CAC,18xCAC,18xBOB,BIG 2 Dortmund, BIG 1 CACIB
Neumünster;BIG 2 Erfurt;Cacib Leipzig BIG 3,Best in Show Unna 08, Jubiläumssieger 08,Bundessieger 08,Nationale Kassel V1+BOB,Nationale Dresden 09 V1 cac,VDH cac,Szczecin 09 V1 und Cacib,Luxembourg 09 V1 cac res. cacib,Rostock V1 cac Cacib BOB Big 4,Beelitz 2012 Best in Show

PL -- 0/0

Jugendsieger Berlin 2007, Europajugendsieger 2007, Europasieger 08, Jubiläumssieger 08, Chinese Crested Event Sieger 08, Sieger Leipzig 08, Bundessieger 08, Sieger Leipzig 09, Sieger Rostock 09,Sieger Berlin 2011,Sieger Dresden 2011 ,Bundessieger 2011 with Best of Breed,Sieger Leipzig 2012 and BOB,Sieger Beelitz 2012 and Best in Show,Europasieger 2013,German Winner 2013,German Veteran Winner 2014, VDH-Veteranensieger Leipzig 2014, Veteranensieger Rostock 2014, Bundes-Veteranensieger 2014, Herbst-Veteranensieger 2014, Veteranensieger Erfurt 2015, VDH-Europa-Veteranensieger 2015, VDH- Frühjahrs-Veteranensieger 2015,Club-Veteransieger 2015,Leipzig-Veteransieger 2016, Bundes-Veteransieger 2016, Club-Veteransieger 2016

Siblings (4)


Oriental Jokes Best Seller
Oriental Jokes Best Star
Oriental Jokes Best One - Elite A
Oriental Jokes Best of Best For Solinos

Offspring (64) (Descendents)

dob: 2017-06-29  Dam: Quest To Happiness Princes de la Roses

Yaquinas Flirt with me
Yaquinas Fürst von und zu Flutschfinger
Ch. Multi JCh, Multi Ch Yaquinas Fanciful Fantaghiro
Ch. Yaquinas Fleur la Petite
Yaquinas Forrest Gump
Yaquinas Fairy tale returns

dob: 2016-09-02  Dam: Rhaja Cool Lady

Belinda vom Blühmchen
Behira vom Blühmchen
Brix vom Blühmchen
Baila vom Blühmchen
Bevis vom Blühmchen

dob: 2015-03-09  Dam: Treasure Guardians Innocence

Charming Treasure's Catch me if you can
Charming Treasure Caipirinha
Ch. Charming Treasure's Casanova
Charming Treasure's Cool runnings

dob: 2014-04-03  Dam: Anaisse Mon Amour Sensiamore

Yaquina's Endless summer
Yaquina's Elli Pirelli
Yaquina's Embrace my Soul
Yaquina's Explosion in my Heart
Yaquina's Excalibur's arising

dob: 2013-04-06  Dam: Be My Dog's Up To Dance

Westfire's All The Pretty Things
Westfire's Aqua Mirabilis
Westfire's A Minute To Midnight
Westfire's Away N Come By
Westfire's A Lightning Strike

dob: 2011-12-16  Dam: Solino's Fiorucci

Shamusajo's Dark Dragon
Shamusajo's Dschubba
Shamusajo's Deimos

dob: 2010-11-14  Dam: Chinese Line Cheri Cheri Lady

Yaquina's Candlelight Dinner
Ch. Yaquina's Comic Hero
Yaquina's C'est la vie
Yaquina's Catwalk Pearl
Yaquina's Chestnut Cream

dob: 2010-05-14  Dam: Carya-Sally Lavandula

Ch. Chariots of Fire Princes de la Roses
Ch. Crazy for You Princes de la Roses
Chocolate Chip Princes de la Roses
Chained Heart Princes de la Roses
Close to You Princes de la Roses
Catch your Dreams Princes de la Roses

dob: 2010-01-16  Dam: Tiffany von Shinbashi

Brooklyn Bounce of Chippendale's Chirokee
Blockbuster of Chippendale's Chirokee

dob: 2009-11-09  Dam: Polly Pupo-Haichi

Cristine Lily Nazarad
Curacao Nazarad
Catherine Bell Nazarad
Ch. Casino Nazarad
Ch. Cristal Ice Nazarad

dob: 2009-05-21  Dam: Natasza z Gangu Lysych

Ch. Best of Krimson Princes de la Roses

dob: 2008-11-05  Dam: Carya-Sally Lavandula

A Kind of Magic Princes de la Roses
Atreju Princes de la Roses
Ch. All My Live Princes de la Roses
Alegro Assai Princes de la Roses
Arsiero Princes de la Roses
Ch. All My Dreams Princes de la Roses
Anouschka Princes de la Roses

dob: 2008-07-18  Dam: Solino's Early Daylight

Yaquinas Break The Rules
Yaquinas Best Of Best
Yaquinas Boog the Blanco
Ch. Yaquinas Breath Easy At Nazarad

dob: 2007-08-19  Dam: Solino's Early Daylight

Ch. Yaquinas Amazing Grace
Yaquinas Anna dei Fiori
Yaquinas Apassionata
Yaquinas A Kind of Magic
Yaquinas Almost An Angel
Yaquinas Action Spider Clifford

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