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2006 - 2019
AMCH  EECH  FINCH  INTCH(FCI)  PLCH  Wickhaven He Got It Honest

Reg. no
: PKR.IX-51828
: 2006-02-01
: Black and White
: Hairless
Jane Ayers (Wickhaven, USA)
Adam Ostrowski (Germanika, Polen)

  • ©Heli Backlund

  • Pascal May 2007
    ©Robert Mullen

  • 18.04.2009

  • Pascal at 2.5 years old.
    ©Robert Mullen

  • Pascal moving
    ©Robert Mullen

  • Pascal a year and a half old.
    ©Robert Mullen

  • ©Robert Mullen

  • Pascal at 6 months
    ©Robert Mullen


International Dog Show-Bialystok'08-ex.1 cac,Best male,cacib,BOB,vice-BOG
International Dog Show-Poznan'08-ex.1 cac,r.cacib
National Dog Show Grudziadz'09-ex.1 cac,BOB
International Dog Show DRUSKIENNIKI:
Dzukija Summer'09-ex.1 cac,res.cacib
Druskininkai Cup-ex.1 cac,cacib
International Dog Show Kuopio 6.08.2010- best male,cac,cacib,BOS - judge Lee Cox (Vanitonia kennel)

Siblings (7)


Wickhaven He's Nobody's Fool
Wickhaven He Got It Honest
Wickhaven Her Name In Lights
Wickhaven He's Got Game SOM
Wickhaven Stars In Her Eyes


Wickhaven Comic Genius
Wickhaven Just For Laughs

Offspring (56) (Descendents)

dob: 2014-04-18  Dam: JCH. Queen Of the Amazons Della Castafiore

Ansluta von Herbertsons

dob: 2012-03-29  Dam: Tai Bent Agnus Dei Perla

Amigo Labas Rytas
Ch. Amore Labas Rytas
Ch. Admiral Labas Rytas
Argus Labas Rytas
Ch. Armani Labas Rytas
Ch. Agent Labas Rytas
Aspirin Labas Rytas
Angel Labas Rytas

dob: 2010-12-24  Dam: Vanitonia C'est La Vie

Give Me More of Angel's Legacy
Gran Torino of Angel's Legacy
Game On of Angel's Legacy
Great Temptation of Angel's Legacy

dob: 2010-12-03  Dam: Crestars The Chozen One

Zima Next Germanika
Ch. Zmierzch Next Germanika
Ch. Zmrok Next Germanika
Zimorodek Next Germanika
Zamiec Next Germanika
Zadymka Next Germanika
Ch. Zodiak Vanity Fair Next Germanika
Zorza Next Germanika

dob: 2010-06-21  Dam: Hilary Little Champs

A Dream Comes True of Candymoor Castle
Always Be Happy of Candymoor Castle
Amazing Angel Baby of Candymoor Castle
A Sweet Little Love of Candymoor Castle
Another Heartbreaker of Candymoor Castle

dob: 2010-06-02  Dam: Glamour Toy de Fageiro

Ch. In-Yan,The Sweet Harmony de Fageiro

dob: 2010-04-10  Dam: Shadow White Be Black Mamba

Iridessa Carisima
Iridessa Ca-Sander
Iridessa Caspian
Iridessa Capri
Iridessa Cascada
Iridessa Campari

dob: 2010-01-01  Dam: Szolohegyi Yuna

Fundoklia-völgyi Kaszanics Egzotic
Ch. Fundoklia-völgyi Kaszanics E' Hungaricum
Fundoklia-völgyi Kaszanics Ever'di Rabozi
Ch. Fundoklia-völgyi Kaszanics Elegant Elektra
Fundoklia-völgyi Kaszanics Evening Star

dob: 2009-12-05  Dam: Kediri Nesjana

Ch. Corrientes Nesjana
Colier Nesjana
Ch. Charlotte Nesjana
Ch. Cuito Nesjana

dob: 2009-11-29  Dam: Sasquehanna Orla Germanika

Ch. TRABKA Argoel Next Germanika
Turbinka Next Germanika
Ch. TRAWKA Next Germanika
Ch. TETUE Next Germanika

dob: 2009-07-08  Dam: Passa Germanika

Ch. KRECIK Next Germanika

dob: 2009-01-02  Dam: Perspektywa Germanika

Jedyna Ma Next Germanika
Ch. Jestem Twa Next Germanika
Jestem Twoj Next Germanika
Jestem Za Next Germanika

dob: 2008-10-09  Dam: Pahlavi Peep Show

Pahlavi Hot Lips

dob: 2008-08-01  Dam: Shikadin-Windspiel Joy at MTO

Ch. M.t.o. La Reina Del Baile
Ch. M.t.o. N' Wickhaven Lay All Your Love On Me
Ch. M.t.o. La Reina Del Baile
M.T.O. The Winner Takes it All

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