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UKRCH  v-JWWSasquehanna Welon

Reg. no
: UKU.001177/06
: 2005-10-01
: chocolate
: Hairless
Malgorzata Supronowicz (Sasquehanna, Polen)
Skubko E. (Black of Channel, Ukraina)
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  • 23.07.2012

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Siblings (6)


Sasquehanna Wielka Tundra
Sasquehanna Welwet
Sasquehanna Wielka Dama
Sasquehanna Welon


Sasquehanna Brokat
Sasquehanna Bibulek

Offspring (27) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Bi-Lav Plus Dezir D'amur

Sasquehanna Welon + Bi-Lav Plus Dezir D'amur

dob: 2014-07-23  Dam: Elfgrace Della Versache

Salvando Black Of Channel

dob: 2013-08-01  Dam: Elfgrace Della Versache

Pepsi Black of Channel

dob: 2013-03-31  Dam: Bibiana Vittoria dell Amore

Florence Vittoria dell Amore
Federico Fellini Vittoria dell Amore
Fillippo Vittoria dell Amore
Fabrizio Vittoria dell Amore

dob: 2013-02-02  Dam: Britni Super Allegro

Adel Super Allegro

dob: 2012-11-25  Dam: Dikaya Orkhideya Black of Channel

Enigma Vittoria dell Amore
Ch. Eugenica Vittoria dell' Amore

dob: 2012-11-10  Dam: Aurora Vittoria dell Amore

Marcus Honey Berry
Moris Sunny Berry
Manfred Prim

dob: 2012-09-15  Dam: Bi-lav Plus Kapriz

Tutsi Super Allegro
Ch. Treysi Super Allegro
Timoty Super Allegro

dob: 2012-06-28  Dam: Sasquehanna Boliwia

Grand Prix Black of Channel

dob: 2011-06-14  Dam: Alka-Trast Kamalia

Alka-Trast Heydi

dob: 2009-04-30  Dam: Gemma Rugen Miko

Latisa Rugen Miko
Little Vanilla Byrbon Rugen Miko
Lexus Rugen Miko
Lure Red Rugen Miko

dob: 2009-03-12  Dam: Alka-Trast Iriska

Alka Trast La Manche

dob: 2008-10-04  Dam: Alka-Trast Iriska

Alka-Trast Katrin

dob: 2007-06-03  Dam: Alka-Trast Miss Queen

Afina Alka-Trast

dob: 2007-06-02  Dam: Indiana Johnes

Alka-Trast Yarina

dob: 2007-06-01  Dam: Vellar Pljus Lizheja

Alka-Trast Yupiter

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