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2005 - 2018
AMCH  Spiritual D'artagnan

Reg. no
: TR409616/01
: 2005-07-11
: Mahogany slate, Wht mrks
: Hairless
: 32.38cm (12.7")
Deborah Hudspeth (Spiritual, USA)
Kikn Bah (deBahTrio Cresteds, USA)
  • ©Luke Allen

  • ©Gloria Kerr

  • ©Amy Kirby 7 yrs old

  • ©Amy Kirby 7 yrs old

  • ©Amy Kirby 7 yrs old

  • Sergio 5 yrs old 10/3/2010 with out a tan
    ©Lisa Etinger

  • ©Amy Kirby 7 yrs old

  • ©Karen Fischer-Smith

  • Winning DFW Specialty and 5 pt major
    ©Luke Allen

  • ©GSK Photography

  • Winning BOB

  • Winning Major BOW

  • 2nd Major

  • CERF Normal 11/2007
    ©Deb H - Spirit

  • Kalan
    1 yr

  • 4 months
    ©Spirit Ranch

  • 8 weeks old
    Spirit Ranch


Specialty WD (5 pt mjr - 23 male dogs)

Siblings (3)


Rainbo's Krishna Roses are Red


Spirit Stormin To Leewins
Spiritual D'artagnan

Offspring (24) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Strong Stael Oh Tzarling Zi Zi

Spiritual Mosaic Kist by the Zephyr

dob: 2014-08-13  Dam: Xpozures Nubian Queen Jetta

Xpozures Poison

dob: 2013-02-20  Dam: Xpozures Beautiful Miracle

Tapscott's Cheza're Fully Exposed

dob: 2012-06-01  Dam: Xpozures Beautiful Miracle

Xpozures Inspire To Desire Little Lover Eros

dob: 2010-05-19  Dam: Crest-Vue's Spotted Image de'Krishna

Krishna Lotus' Star Ruby

dob: 2009-04-30  Dam: Krishna's Hidden Assets

Ch. Krishna Painted for Baldpark
Krishna's Spirit in the Sky
Spiritual-Krishna Keeps Us N Stitches

dob: 2008-07-27  Dam: Rainbo's Krishna Roses are Red

Spiritual Mosaic Resist Temptation
Spiritual Mosaic Sweet Temptation
Spiritual Tempting Fate

dob: 2008-05-12  Dam: Krishna's India Of Marijo's

Ch. Krishna Simply Irrestible Amanda
Spiritual Ain't Whistlin' Dixie

dob: 2008-04-05  Dam: Krishna N'Rainbo's Black Mariah

Spiritual A Little Serenade
Ch. Krishna N'Spiritual Feel the Fire
Spiritual Sweet Music Man
Ch. Krishna N'Spiritual Feel the Fire
Spiritual Rhinestone Cowboy

dob: 2007-11-13  Dam: Mstical Su-Ccubus

Spiritual Moved Heaven and Earth
Spiritual My Heart Has Wings

dob: 2007-09-28  Dam: Strong Stael Oh Tzarling Zi Zi

Spiritual Kist by the Zephyr
Spiritual Dazzling Sapphire
Spiritual How Sweet It Iz
Spiritual You've Been Zapped

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