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2005 - 2021
Taijan Dreamer Exhorbitant

Reg. no
: VDH-CER 2704/05
: 2005-07-11
: black and white
: Hairless
: 35.00cm (13.7")
Sascha Kobel (Taijan Dreamer, Tyskland)
Minna Eskola (Tippytoes, Finland)
  • April´12
    ©Minna Eskola

  • ©Minna Eskola

  • ©Minna Eskola

  • ©Minna Eskola

  • ©Minna Eskola

  • ©Minna Eskola


bob-puppy, 2xjunior cac in Estonia, 1xjunior cac in Latvia, 1xjunior cac in Lithuania

Siblings (7)


Taijan Dreamer Extraordinaire
Taijan Dreamer Exhibitionist
Taijan Dreamer Edelweiss
Taijan Dreamer Einstein
Taijan Dreamer Extravaganza
Taijan Dreamer Emotion
Taijan Dreamer Exhorbitant

Offspring (37) (Descendents)

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dob: 2008-07-29  Dam: Tippytoes Sugababe

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dob: 2008-01-19  Dam: Babylon Miracle At Noon

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dob: 2008-01-16  Dam: Tippytoes Sex Bomb

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dob: 2007-08-19  Dam: Tippytoes Elviira

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dob: 2007-05-21  Dam: Tippytoes Tijuana

Ch. Tippytoes Exhilarator
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Ch. Tippytoes Exuberant

dob: 2007-02-09  Dam: Tippytoes Eulaalia

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Tippytoes Clementina
Tippytoes Conchita

dob: 2006-07-10  Dam: Tippytoes Elviira

Tippytoes La Noche Oscura
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