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RUSCH  Zholesk Motsart

Reg. no
: 1314537
: 2002-10-27
: blue
: Hairless
: 35.00cm (13.7") / 7.00kg (15.4#)
Ganipolskaya Lusi (Zholesk, Russland)
Minina Maria
  • Minina Maria
    ©Mono Pushkin 2006

  • ©Mono Pushkin 2006

  • ©Minina Maria

  • 21.05.2005 Viborg, Russia
    ©Minina Maria

  • winter 2005
    ©Minina Maria

  • ©Minina Maria

  • ©Minina Maria

  • ©Minina Maria

  • 9 months
    ©Minina Maria

Siblings (6)


Zholesk Motsart
Zholesk Milagres
Zholesk Matador
Zholesk Melani

No birth date recorded

Iverika Ksoloni
Iksolit Red Way Dragon

Offspring (13) (Descendents)

dob: 2009-06-22  Dam: Fantastik Kashmir Kameron Dias

Anni Langre

dob: 2007-10-27  Dam: Fantastik Kashmir Kameron Dias

Be Lady Like

dob: 2007-10-18  Dam: Leon Fleur De Lis White Girl

Leon Fleur De Lis Wilgelm
Leon Fleur De Lis Walensiya
Leon Fleur De Lis Winsent Wen
Leon Fleur de Lis Wiktoriya
Leon Fleur De Lis Willi Wong

dob: 2006-10-02  Dam: Divo Divnoe Nona

Bersar Dominika
Bersar Dolly

dob: 2006-07-13  Dam: Ilda Lilla

Ch. Zhozefina de Lilla

dob: 2005-08-18  Dam: Astarta Fiorentino

Gucci del Melonzo
Geidzh di Kristman
Ch. Giyom ot Motsarta

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