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2002 - 2011
CZJCH  SKCH  1x CACIB, 1x r. CACIB, 3x CAJC, 5x CAC, 5x r. CACOkrasa Alexa Lachesis

Reg. no
: SPKP 742/04
: 2002-10-21
: white
: Powderpuff
: 28.00cm (11.0")
Alexa Simovicova (Alexa Lachesis, Slovakia)
Ivana Šubínová (Dandy Mate, Slovakia)
  • ©Lubomir Homola

  • ©Lubomir Homola

  • ©Lubomir Homola

  • ©Lubomir Homola

  • ©Lubomir Homola

  • ©Lubomir Homola

  • ©Lubomir Homola

Siblings (13)


Frozen Hot Alexa Lachesis
First Crested Alexa Lachesis
Flegmatik Alexa Lachesis


Genetik Alexa Lachesis
Gil-Gamesh Alexa Lachesis
Gevenducha Alexa Lachesis
Groteska Alexa Lachesis
Guliver Alexa Lachesis
Genetik Alexa Lachesis


Osa Alexa Lachesis
Okrasa Alexa Lachesis


Vecernica Alexa Lachesis
Vybusnina Alexa Lachesis

Offspring (17) (Descendents)

dob: 2008-12-16  Sire: Family Song's Cairo

Ichho Dandy Mate

dob: 2008-01-24  Sire: Rocket Ronnie From Lemiz

Howarrt Dandy Mate
Hubbert Dandy Mate
Huggo Dandy Mate
Hubbert Dandy Mate
Happy Jaris Dandy Mate
Hubbert Dandy Mate

dob: 2007-02-03  Sire: Sea Fire's Faitful Falkor

Entirelly Yours Dandy Mate
Elliash Dandy Mate
Endless Story Dandy Mate
Eastwood Dandy Mate

dob: 2006-07-17  Sire: Moonswift Swallow Indigo

Crassh Dandy Mate
Cassper Dandy Mate
Cennt Dandy Mate
Carrlos Dandy Mate
Carrie Dandy Mate

dob: 2005-07-27  Sire: Albi Ga-he-mi

Black Betty Dandy Mate

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