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2004 - 2013
VDHCH  LUXCH  Special Edition I Am A Candy Girl

: 2004-12-22
: Sable and white
: Powderpuff
: 32.50cm (12.7") / 6.00kg (13.2#)
Monique v.d. Meer (Special Edition, Netherlands)
Mignon Tijdhof (Timegarden, Netherlands)
  • My love I miss you so much...

  • ©

  • 4.5 years

  • Candy

  • ©Mignon Tijdhof

  • Candy (26 feb 2006)
    ©Mignon Tijdhof

  • Candy (5 march 2006)
    ©Mignon Tijdhof

  • ©Demski

Siblings (3)


Special Edition Dancing in Heaven
Special Edition Shall we dance
Special Edition I Am A Candy Girl

Offspring (15) (Descendents)

dob: 2010-04-09  Sire: Müslis Fighter

Ch. Timegarden Mystic Mint
Timegarden Nutter Butter
Timegarden Oreo Cookie
Timegarden Cheese Cracker
Timegarden Honey Maid
Timegarden Chips Ahoy
Timegarden Ritz Bitz

dob: 2007-06-30  Sire: Full Monty Calvin Klein

Timegarden Jumbo Jawbreaker
Timegarden Mini Marshmallow
Ch. Timegarden Paradise Punch
Timegarden Carnival Cotton Candy
Timegarden Strawberry Sugarcake
Timegarden Heavenly Hailey
Timegarden Peanutbutter Pancake
Timegarden Liquorice Lollipop

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