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2002 - 2015
BRACH  LUXCH  Whak the Weird von Shinbashi

Reg. no
: VDH/CER 2186/02
: 2002-05-23
: Hairless
Annerose Demski (von Shinbashi, Tyskland)
Nadine Born
  • jack 05/2015

  • jack

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Siblings (4)


Woodhaven The Wizard von Shinbashi
Whak the Weird von Shinbashi


Don't Touch von Shinbashi
Designer suit von Shinbashi

Offspring (14) (Descendents)

dob: 2008-09-14  Dam: Oriental Jokes Une Jolie Môme

Kir Royal Fantasy Island
Kashmir Fantasy Island
Kimberly Fantasy Island
Kind of Magic Fantasy Island

dob: 2005-04-03  Dam: Medina Von Shinbashi

Little Hobbits'Celandine Brandybock

dob: 2004-11-20  Dam: Shambhala's Blue Sky

Moonwalker von Shinbashi
Ch. My Obsession von Shinbashi

dob: 2004-07-15  Dam: Jasterica Alexa Lachesis

Cedrik od Sv. Linharta
Cyril od Sv Linharta

dob: 2004-02-10  Dam: Sweetheart von Shinbashi

Hairless Whisper Von Shinbashi
Homage for A.D. von Shinbashi

dob: 2003-10-17  Dam: Virginia von Shinbashi

Ch. Flirting Boy von Shinbashi
Ch. First Love von Shinbashi
French Kiss von Shinbashi

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