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INTCH(FCI)  PLCH  PLJCH  Sasquehanna El Paso

Reg. no
: PKR.IX-36706
: 1995-04-11
: Lever
: Hairless
Malgorzata Supronowicz (Sasquehanna, Polen)
Malgorzata Supronowicz (Sasquehanna, Polen)

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International Champion
Polish Junior Champion
Polish Champion
Clubwinner 1997
12 x CACIB
18 x CWC/CAC

Siblings (6)


Sasquehanna Comet
Sasquehanna Czardasz
Sasquehanna Czarnuszka


Sasquehanna Elegantka
Sasquehanna El Paso
Sasquehanna Ernillo

Offspring (22) (Descendents)

dob: 1999-05-22  Dam: Sasquehanna Etna

Damiane Modry Kvet
Dilen Modry Kvet
Dilen Modri Kvent
Denny Modry kvet
Dejna Modry kvet
Daevid Modry kvet
Ch. Doyel Modry kvet
Derrick Modry kvet

dob: 1999-03-21  Dam: Impresja Complement

Gaijin Complement

dob: 1999-02-06  Dam: Gingery's Lost My Marbles

Ch. Sasquehanna Makata
Ch. Sasquehanna Madryt

dob: 1998-10-21  Dam: Sasquehanna Borowka

Ch. Bunia od Marka Pollo
Banan od Marka Polo
Brysia od Marka Polo
Buszmen Od Marka Polo

dob: 1998-01-25  Dam: Sasquehanna Penelopa

Kafi Maff-Staff

dob: 1997-07-15  Dam: Sasquehanna Penelopa

Surma Maff-Staff
Sonia Maff-Staff
Ch. Secesja Maff-Staff

dob: 1996-12-18  Dam: Sasquehanna Penelopa

Ch. Dana Maff-Staff
Diana Maff-Staff
Douna Maff Staff

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