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FINCH  Oika Bull Zazzerazecchino

: 2002-02-08
: Slate
: Hairless
Kaisa Aspiala (Oika Bull, Finland)
Tiina Peippo (Batbatch's, Finland)
  • ©Essi Suominen

  • ©Essi Suominen

Siblings (4)


Oika Bull Zufolondezanzara
Oika Bull Zampadezumbon
Oika Bull Zanqueadora (2)
Oika Bull Zazzerazecchino

Offspring (46) (Descendents)

dob: 2007-09-24  Dam: Müslis Tipi

Müslis Monte Carlo
Müslis Le Mans
Müslis Monza
Ch. Müslis Daytona

dob: 2007-08-12  Dam: Waffotis Amanuette

Brunius All for one
Brunius Absolute First
Brunius Agathon
Brunius Athena
Brunius Anaconda
Brunius Against all odds
Brunius Armageddon

dob: 2006-05-29  Dam: Fany Z Gangu Lysych

Mewtwo's Mamsell
Mewtwo's Greta
Mewtwo's Elsa
Mewtwo's Ellen
Mewtwo's Edvin

dob: 2006-05-08  Dam: Proud Pony Heavenly Creature

Proud Pony Invincible
Proud Pony Ivory

dob: 2006-05-05  Dam: Proud Pony Worth Waiting For

Proud Pony Hurricane
Proud Pony Hero Of The Day
Proud Pony Horsepower
Proud Pony Highlight
Proud Pony Heaven's On Fire
Proud Pony Holy Smoke

dob: 2006-05-03  Dam: Proud Pony Priceless

Proud Pony Goldcrest
Proud Pony Glow Of Faith
Proud Pony Gentle Breeze
Proud Pony Glamour Girl
Proud Pony Grand Prix
Proud Pony Galloway
Proud Pony Good Fortune
Ch. Proud Pony Gone With The Wind

dob: 2006-05-03  Dam: Untouchable's Dream Come True

Proud Pony Fine Champagne
Proud Pony Forever Young
Proud Pony For Your Eyes Only
Proud Pony Fiddler On The Roof
Proud Pony Fragancia

dob: 2005-06-18  Dam: Trollmyren's Nicole

Trollmyren's Delikatess
Trollmyren's Druva
Trollmyren's Diva

dob: 2005-05-21  Dam: Hibacka's Freja The Goddess

Belshaw's Off Course
Belshaw's Sweet Honesty
Belshaw's Full Speed

dob: 2005-04-20  Dam: Proud Pony Velvet Paw

Proud Pony Da Capo
Proud Pony Dream Catcher
Proud Pony Destiny's Child

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