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RUSJCH  Moonswift Mystic Man

: 2002-10-11
: Spotted
: Hairless
Diana Bowdler-Townsend (Moonswift, England)
Owner unknown.

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Siblings (2)


Moonswift Mystic Man
Moonswift Mystic Wind

Offspring (20) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Elis Classic

Zholesk Karolina

dob:   Dam: Kristen Golden Lissa

Terra Helen Perrishon

dob: 2006-04-27  Dam: Zholesk Niola New Poetry

Ch. Zholesk Natty Filigree
Zholesk Night Birdie

dob: 2006-02-27  Dam: Moonswift Lucy In The Sky

Ch. Olegro Katrin Luxury Ladybird
Ch. Olegro Katrin Legendary Blondy

dob: 2005-12-09  Dam: Zholesk Sanda Estok

Zholesk Elite Violet
Zholesk Evita

dob: 2005-09-12  Dam: Zholesk Nifty

Zholesk Izadora

dob: 2005-05-03  Dam: Moonswift Just Jasmine

Ch. Zholesk Gigolo
Ch. Zholesk Zhongler Dlja Tamerlan Beshtau
Zholesk Zheni Teilor
Zholesk Zhrica Olimpa
Zholesk Zhelannaja Tamerlan Beshtau

dob: 2004-10-12  Dam: Sasquehanna Escapada

Zholesk Avrora

dob: 2004-09-01  Dam: Zholesk Triniti Martel

Zholesk Tamerlan Beshtau

dob: 2004-07-02  Dam: Kredo Festa Illusion Of Magic

Kredo Festa Frost Storm

dob: 2004-02-29  Dam: Fratelli Del'rino Assol


dob: 2004-02-08  Dam: Zholesk Sanda Estok

Ch. Zholesk Dzhoker

dob: 2004-01-29  Dam: Vivat Sanraiz Darling Sofy

Bel Etual Ilizabet Polin

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