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2003 - 2013
EXELLENTMirbon's Nico

: 2003-06-10
: Hairless
Mirja-Leena Säily (Mirbon, Finland)
Owner unknown.
  • Baby Nico


PLL -clear, PRA prcd -clear by parents

Siblings (4)


Mirbon's Nefertiti
Mirbon's Nefi
Mirbon's Nico
Mirbon's Nougat

Offspring (21) (Descendents)

dob: 2009-06-08  Dam: Kuminaaman De'Lovely

Bozo Gang's Allegro
Bozo Gang's Aquarelle
Bozo Gang's Adagio
Bozo Gang's Altissimo

dob: 2007-06-04  Dam: Specious Baby Face

Bozo Gang's Jewel
Bozo Gang's Jackpot For Us
Bozo Gang's Joyful Life
Bozo Gang's Jump To Future
Bozo Gang's Justify My Love
Bozo Gang's July De'Moon
Bozo Gang's Joy Of Life
Bozo Gang's Jubilant Journey

dob: 2005-09-06  Dam: Bosom Buddy's Aurora

Kennolan Sini Lady Butterfly
Kennolan Sini Sir Herman
Kennolan Sini Lady Lovely
Kennolan Sini Sir Turo
Kennolan Sini Sir Henry
Kennolan Sini Sir Felix

dob: 2004-08-05  Dam: Bosom Buddy's Aurora

Kennolan Sini Hercules
Kennolan Sini Margareta
Kennolan Sini Magdalena

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