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DKCH  NUCH  Eugenios Sweet And Crazy

Reg. no
: 15628/01
: 2001-06-18
: blue spotted
: Hairless
: 31.00cm (12.2")
Tone Bekkåsen Fischer (Eugenios, Norge)
Tone Bekkåsen Fischer (Eugenios, Norge)
Per-Arne Rudberg / Jonas Rudberg
  • ©Team RJ
    First time at a dog show.

  • ©Team RJ
    Indian summer at Hundorp in Gudbrandsdalen.

  • ©Team RJ
    Totally unshaved at home.


Many BOB.
No 6 on the Norwegian top list 2004.
Best sire in Norway 2004.

Siblings (2)


Eugenios Sweet And Crazy
Eugenios Naked Truth At The Castle

Offspring (65) (Descendents)

dob: 2009-09-09  Dam: Miss Luna Blue

Sørås-sidens Virre

dob: 2006-05-20  Dam: Miss Luna Blue

Miss Lihma Blue
Ping Ting Schan

dob: 2006-02-23  Dam: De La Mahafu's Andalucia

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Sagaskotts Chip & Dale
Sagaskotts Cleopatra
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dob: 2005-10-09  Dam: Schotborgs Precious

Schotborgs Sensuella Isabella
Schotborgs Nicknamed Nino
Schotborgs Nimbus
Schotborgs The Full Monty
Schotborgs Pimp My Ride "Terkel"

dob: 2005-08-25  Dam: Prefix Count On Cordelia

Eugenios Universal
Eugenios Columbia
Eugenios Miramax
Eugenios Paramount

dob: 2004-11-12  Dam: Blue Elaisa

Eugenios Sweet Cher
Eugenios Crazy Robbie
Eugenios Sweet Madonna
Eugenios Crazy Spotlight
Eugenios Crazy Little Big Man
Eugenios Crazy Alexander

dob: 2004-09-13  Dam: Eugenios Singapore-Sling

Sørperlas Chippendale Fantasy
Ch. Sørperlas Coco Chanel
Sørperlas Mister Chaser
Sørperlas Mister Chevy
Sørperlas Miss C-Vims

dob: 2004-03-19  Dam: Svian's Golden Queen


dob: 2004-01-29  Dam: Carann's Artic Wind

Carann's Blue Lombardi
Carann's B'max Sme'agol
Carann's Biscaya
Carann's Bacardi
Carann's Black Magic

dob: 2003-12-05  Dam: Eugenios Tia Maria

Portinbo's Hercules den Store
Portinbo's Amber den Viljestarka

dob: 2003-11-15  Dam: Eugenios Tune in the Music

Sagaskotts Baltus
Sagaskotts Bianca
Sagaskotts Bianca
Sagaskotts Betty Boop

dob: 2003-10-27  Dam: Eugenios Blue Velvet

Eugenios Mister Handsome
Eugenios Mister Yang
Eugenios Mister Sweet and Blue

dob: 2003-06-18  Dam: Mannequin's Geraldine

Eugenios Liquorice Sorbet
Eugenios Creme Brule
Eugenios Frozen Daqtari
Eugenios Vanilla Ice Cream

dob: 2003-05-21  Dam: Gulleiv's Pretty In Pink

Dot Com Just Blond
Domenic Dressed In Blue
Dustin Blue Velvet

dob: 2002-07-21  Dam: Mannequin's Geraldine

Eugenios Shen Tai
Eugenios Shi San
Ch. Eugenios Qi Ling
Ch. Eugenios Ren Ying

dob: 2002-05-27  Dam: Eugenios Celebration

Towiso's Open Minded Jeany
Towiso's Old-Age Spotted
Towiso's Observation

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