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Eugenios Amazing Grace

Reg. no
: 22398/98
: 1998-10-30
: White/Golden
Tone Bekkåsen Fischer (Eugenios, Norge)
Gro Enge (Groli's, Norge)
  • Rot

  • Grace

Offspring (22) (Descendents)

dob: 2006-12-01  Sire: Rimabra's Prince of Norway

Groli's Barkly
Ch. Groli's Beautiful Alwa
Groli's Blenda
Groli's Blanco
Groli's Bentley Shakira
Groli's Bosse
Groli's Bellami
Groli's Boomer

dob: 2003-12-08  Sire: Bozo Gang's Storm In Eugenios

Groli's Timmi-Timån
Groli's Basilla
Groli's Funny Ferrary
Groli's Ronja Ramona
Groli's Gimely-Charm

dob: 2002-04-21  Sire: Bozo Gang's Storm In Eugenios

Eugenios Ming-La Toyah
Eugenios Puff Daddy
Eugenios Chiang Kai-Shek Mistress
Eugenios Snoop Dogg

dob: 2001-10-10  Sire: Eugenios Illusion

Eugenios Summer Blossom
Eugenios Pink Autumn
Eugenios Merry Christmas
Eugenios Charming Spring
Eugenios Crispy Winter

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