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AMCH  Willows La Vida Loca

: 1999-05-08
: Black White Mkgs
: Hairless
Jodie Cochran & R Selvidio (Willow, USA)
Owner unknown.

Siblings (3)


Willows La Vida Loca
Gemstone's Izzie Bald HL
Gemstone's Prince Of Thieves SOM

Offspring (14) (Descendents)

dob: 2007-10-10  Dam: Gemstone's Bad Moon Rising

Gemstone's Glamour Girl

dob: 2003-07-24  Dam: Willows Scotch Bonnet

Willows P.T. Cruiser

dob: 2002-06-27  Dam: Jewels Voodoo Doll Of Gotcha

Jewels Secret Passion Of Camelot
Camelot Secret Desire Of Jewels

dob: 2002-03-11  Dam: Yucatan Cutie Pie

Camelot's Yucatan Bella Luna
Camelot's Yucatan Honey Moon

dob: 2001-05-16  Dam: Xo's Bad As I Wanna Be

X O's She's Mommy's Little Girl

dob: 2001-04-27  Dam: Yucatan Cutie Pie

Camelot's Yucatan's Julia Tailgate
Ch. Yucatan Camelot Prince Eric

dob: 2001-04-14  Dam: Makara's Isabella Via Puffin DOM

Ch. Tri-Cas Charlie Brown

dob: 2000-12-04  Dam: Elysee's Snowflake

X O's Must Be Z Magic
XO's Z Baby in Toyland

dob: 2000-06-13  Dam: Willows Scotch Bonnet

Willow's Mercedes Of Xo
Willow's Porsche At Camelot

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