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AMCH  Taleeca Designer Genes

: 1993-07-01
: Blue
: Hairless
Mrs. M. Catley (Taleeca, England)
Owner unknown.
  • ©Bruce Harkins

  • ©Unknown

Siblings (2)


Taleeca Black Widow
Taleeca Designer Genes

Offspring (41) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Sol-Orr's Run For The Roses

Bayshore's Sue Belle
Sol-Orr's Long Stemmed Rose
Bayshore Sue Belle

dob:   Dam: Sol-orr's Safe Bet of Jann DOM

Ch. Wudnshu's Mickey Moe Toes

dob: 1998-07-01  Dam: Sol-Orr's Run For The Roses

Ch. Bayshore's Photo Finish

dob: 1997-10-12  Dam: El Pelon Bandalera

Elco's Munch-Kin Pepe L Socks
Honore's Apache V Shakai
Ch. Elco's Starlet Vixon For Debe

dob: 1997-03-28  Dam: Sol-orr's Safe Bet of Jann DOM

Ch. Wudnshu's Mickey Moe Toes

dob: 1996-03-03  Dam: Taleeca Queen Silver Bluff

Ch. Bayshore's Cream Puff
Bayshore's Spittin Image

dob: 1996-02-09  Dam: Sol-Orr's Mischief Maker

Captiva Heronhoe Laser Copy
Captiva Midnight Express
Captiva Heronhoe Gold Rush

dob: 1996-01-13  Dam: Taleeca Topsy Turvey

Bayshore's Honor And Glory
Bayshore Paper Roses

dob: 1996-01-07  Dam: Sol-Orr's Red Ice Of Jann

Ch. Bryna's Bristol Blizzard Tgn

dob: 1995-12-12  Dam: Blandora Black Beauty At Taleeca

Amaz-N Sorcerer

dob: 1995-08-17  Dam: Sol-Orr's Chantilly Filly

Sol-Orr's Shih-Tsu

dob: 1995-07-30  Dam: Sol-Orr's Run For The Roses

Sol-Orr's Bouquet Of Roses
Sol-Orr's Long Stemmed Rose

dob: 1995-01-22  Dam: Moonswift Mimi

Bayshore Tickled Pink
Ch. Bayshore Dressed For Succes

dob: 1994-11-28  Dam: Sol-orr's Safe Bet of Jann DOM

Wudnshu Masquerade
Ch. Wudnshu's Willie Wonka
Wudnshu's Blazing Starfire

dob: 1994-11-26  Dam: Sol-Orr's Ten-A-C Walker DOD

Sol-Orr's Whimsical Unicorn
Sol-Orr's Mystical Unicorn
Sol-Orr's Unicorn Traveler
Sol-Orr's Frolicing Unicorn

dob: 1994-11-21  Dam: Sol-Orr's Run For The Roses

Sol-Orr's Skip The Flowers
Ch. Sol-Orr's Ruby And Roses
Sol-Orr's Pistol And Roses

dob: 1994-09-30  Dam: Goodacre's Sha-Na-Na

Last Tango In Paris N'Co
Ch. Spin The Bottle N'Co

dob: 1994-09-10  Dam: Sun-A-Ra's Luvs Shu Laces

Sun-A-Ra's Expensive Hobby

dob: 1994-08-10  Dam: Gemini's True Love Of Tobore

Gemini Passionate Kisses
Gemini Shut Up And Kiss Me

dob: 1994-06-28  Dam: Sol-Orr's Foolish Pleasure

Sol-Orr's Rolling Glory
Ch. Sol-Orr's Simply Irresistable

dob: 1994-06-26  Dam: Sol-Orr's Punkin Pony

Unicorn's Philadelphia Special

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