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1998 - 2006
BLRCH  INTCH(FCI)  MOLCH  RUSCH  Sasquehanna Witraz

: 1998-06-21
: Lever
: Hairless
Malgorzata Supronowicz (Sasquehanna, Polen)
Chugunova (Samarskiy samotzvet, Russland)

  • ©Unknown

Siblings (6)


Sasquehanna Warmia
Sasquehanna Wojski
Sasquehanna Wizja
Sasquehanna Wiatr
Sasquehanna Witraz

No birth date recorded

Sasquehanna Wizja

Offspring (20) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Maui Flame Of Love

Ch. Auri Laims
Ch. Airik Safur
Ch. Akva Stoyn
Andora Tutti Frutti

dob:   Dam: Sasquehanna Warmia

Zholesk Roberta Pastur
Ch. Zholesk Asti

dob:   Dam: Samarskiy Samotzvet Sindi

Printzessa Nuri

dob:   Sire: Vivat Sanraiz Poyuschaya Nimfa

Vivat Sanraiz Samanta

dob: 2004-10-09  Dam: Samarskiy Samotsvet Simona

Ch. Samarskiy Samotsvet Djulietta

dob: 2001-09-28  Dam: Nikol Jordan's

Zholesk Nostalgie

dob: 2001-01-04  Dam: Sasquehanna Warmia

Ch. Zholesk Asti

dob: 2000-10-23  Dam: Etual Levkoy

Zholesk Tiffani

dob: 2000-08-16  Dam: Sasquehanna Escapada

Ch. Zholesk Cocos

dob: 2000-03-09  Dam: Etual Levkoy

Ch. Zholesk Emili
Ch. Zholesk Egoist

dob: 1999-12-27  Dam: Sasquehanna Escapada

Ch. Zholesk Sanda Estok
Zholesk Simona
Zholesk Sedrik Ulm
Zholesk Svida Fiaba
Ch. Zholesk Selin Klio

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