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Sasanataba's Sable De Chann-Ell

: 1985-08-20
: Sable
M Cnannell (De Chann-Ell, USA)
P & S Mansell (Sasanataba, USA)
Owner unknown.

Siblings (7)


Sasanatara Polo
Sasanataba's Sable De Chann-Ell
Sasanataba's Yen De Chann-Ell


Sasanataba Puff-N-Stuff
Dickerson's Molly Sasanataba
Sasanataba Zens Sparkle
Sasanataba Crystal

Offspring (10) (Descendents)

dob: 1994-08-19  Sire: Lin-Song Heartcrest Choco Pi

Mstic-Heart Ambrosia
Mstic-Heart Bacchus

dob: 1987-08-24  Sire: Chung Ho De Chann-Ell

Me Shu De Chann-Ell
R B H's Mean-E Sabrina De Chann-Ell
H G's Cupid De Chann-Ell

dob: 1986-10-19  Sire: Chung Ho De Chann-Ell

Calisa Su-Si De Chann-Ell
Madam Lee Chee De Chann-Ell
Rbh's Little Fellow De Chann-Ell
Sasanataba Skinny Dipper
China Ho De Chann-Elli

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