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1994 - 2004
AMCH  CANCH  multi grp 1 winnerRompford Blowing In The Wind

Reg. no
: CY245420
: 1994-12-22
: White & Gray
: Powderpuff
Peggy May & Donna McLeod (Wind, Canada)
Marie DuBois (Rompford, Canada)
  • ©Mikron

  • ©Marie DuBois

  • ©Marie DuBois

  • ©Marie DuBois

  • ©Marie DuBois

  • ©Marie DuBois

Siblings (6)


Race The Wind
Wind B'Neath My Wings Pahlavi


Wind In The Willow
Rompford Blowing In The Wind
Dust In The Wind
Escandol Follow The Wind

Offspring (15) (Descendents)

dob: 2002-12-03  Sire: Rompford Dark N Haunting Wind

Rompford Mr Woo Of Inukchakka
Ch. Rompford Wild Is The Wind
Ch. Wind Gentle Breeze Of Rompford
Ch. Rompford U Can't Hide Beautiful

dob: 2002-01-25  Sire: Rompford Dark N Haunting Wind

Ch. Rompford Mistress Of The Dark
Ch. Wind Wicked Won Of Rompford
Ch. Rompford Munsters Revenge
Ch. Rompford Prince Of Darkness

dob: 1999-04-21  Sire: Jewels Fool Proof SOM

Ch. Rompford Night Wind At Kasma
Ch. Rompford White Knight
Rompford Kic N The Pants QBall
Rompford Wind E Knightie

dob: 1998-02-05  Sire: Rohan's Little Lion King SOD

Ch. Wind A Flame Of Rompford
Ch. Wind A Fire Of Rompford
Ch. Wind A Flicker Of Rompford

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