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DKCH  SECH  Proud Pony Pole Position

Reg. no
: S33793/2001
: 2001-04-20
: Blue
: Hairless
Åsa & Tua Lagerstam (Proud Pony, Sverige)
Åsa & Tua Lagerstam (Proud Pony, Sverige)
  • ©Proud Pony



Siblings (5)


Proud Pony Pole Position
Proud Pony Priceless
Proud Pony Pure Passion
Proud Pony Playgirl
Proud Pony Pony Boy

Offspring (55) (Descendents)

dob: 2009-01-28  Dam: Taijan Dreamer Sugarcake

Taijan Dreamer Sexy Guy
Taijan Dreamer Sugardaddy
Ch. Taijan Dreamer Sexmachine
Taijan Dreamer Sex Sales
Ch. Taijan Dreamer Springtime
Taijan Dreamer Sugar Baby
Taijan Dreamer Soulmate

dob: 2007-01-21  Dam: Silverekens Milk And Honey

Chinese line Super nova
Chinese line Cosmos

dob: 2006-12-05  Dam: Proud Pony Not Of This Earth

Frostice Deliverence

dob: 2006-08-06  Dam: Sissela


dob: 2006-07-12  Dam: Fantazja Z Gangu Lysych

Mewtwo's Frodo The Nice
Mewtwo's Arwen The Brawe
Mewtwo's O'maley The Good
Mewtwo's Legolas The Great
Mewtwo's Mezittra The Golden
Mewtwo's Bilbo The Hob

dob: 2005-05-26  Dam: Maldinis Sancy Sapphire

Twice as Nice Gordon Freeman
Ch. Twice as Nice Gorilla Milkshake

dob: 2004-10-17  Dam: Untouchable's Dream Come True

Proud Pony Bark At The Moon
Proud Pony Braveheart
Proud Pony Black Magic Woman
Proud Pony Beyond Belief
Proud Pony Bruce Lee

dob: 2003-12-25  Dam: Ziglavys Lakris

Ziglavys Belle Helene
Ziglavys Zabaione
Ziglavys Peach Melba
Ziglavys Bavarois

dob: 2003-04-30  Dam: Proud Pony Ornament

Ch. Proud Pony Worth Waiting For
Proud Pony Wishful Thinking
Proud Pony Walk Of Life
Proud Pony Wanna Be
Proud Pony Wizard Of The North
Proud Pony Wind Of Fortune

dob: 2003-04-21  Dam: Proud Pony Heavenly Creature

Proud Pony Velvet Paw
Proud Pony Vagabond
Proud Pony Voyager
Proud Pony Victory
Proud Pony Vanilla Ice

dob: 2002-12-29  Dam: Ziglavys Sweet Nothing

Ziglavys Rowan Berry
Ziglavys Wild Strawberry

dob: 2002-07-03  Dam: Physical Fascination Phortezza

Proud Pony Unique
Proud Pony Utopia
Proud Pony Understatement
Proud Pony Ultimatum

dob: 2002-06-21  Dam: Zucci High And Mighty

Proud Pony The Midsummer Dream
Proud Pony Tequila

dob: 2002-03-16  Dam: Proud Pony Heavenly Creature

Proud Pony Runaway Angel
Proud Pony Rainbow Warrior
Proud Pony Rendezvous
Proud Pony Rattlesnake

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