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1995 - 2008
DKCH  FINCH  NORDCH  SECH  JWW-96 JEUW-96 KBVH-96Prefix Willy With The Wig

Reg. no
: S42944/95
: 1995-05-25
: Blue
: Hairless
: 32.00cm (12.5") / 5.00kg (11.0#)
Gunilla Agronius (Prefix, Sverige)
Gunilla Agronius (Prefix, Sverige)
  • ©unknown

Siblings (3)


Prefix O'Nelson
Prefix Ophelia Ocelot
Prefix Willy With The Wig

Offspring (36) (Descendents)

dob: 1998-05-11  Dam: Gråskäggs Prusiluskan

Gråskäggs Twist And Shout
Gråskäggs Tally-Ho
Gråskäggs Trash Talk
Gråskäggs Trick And Treat

dob: 1998-03-15  Dam: Prefix Good Luck To Zitrin'z

Zitrin'z Enjoy The Queen
Zitrin'z Exellent Is The Queen
Zitrin'z Eyes For The Queen Only
Zitrin'z Envoy For The Queen
Zitrin'z Elegante Queen

dob: 1997-12-02  Dam: Tenderlove N'Care's Tummelisa

China Aster's Jazzing Comet
China Aster's Jitterbug Star

dob: 1997-05-02  Dam: Prefix Miss Money Penny

Prefix Walkyria
Ch. Prefix Wing Commander
Prefix Waitress
Prefix Whitney Houston
Prefix Whirlwind
Prefix Waterloo

dob: 1997-04-11  Dam: Prefix Just For Joy

Prefix Xotica
Prefix Xodus
Prefix Xandra
Prefix Xantippa
Ch. Prefix Xcalibur

dob: 1997-03-26  Dam: Tenderlove N'Care's Tummelisa

Ch. China Aster's Flame Of Hale Bopp
China Aster's Fireflame Fenix

dob: 1997-01-03  Dam: Prefix Joyride

Prefix Yum Yum For Germoths
Prefix Yes I Can Boogie
Prefix Yankee Doodle Dandy
Prefix Yoko Ono
Prefix Your Grace
Ch. Prefix Yours Truly

dob: 1996-10-25  Dam: Prefix Kalaspingla

Prefix Upper Class
Ch. Prefix Upsadaisy
Prefix Utopia

dob: 1996-10-18  Dam: Prefix Goddess Gracious

Zitrin'z Catch A Dream
Zitrin'z Call Me A Dream
Zitrin'z Classic Dream

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