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SECH  Omegaville Update

Reg. no
: S14355/2001
: 1999-10-20
: Blue
: Hairless
Alexandra Forth (Omegaville, England)
Owner unknown.
  • ©Unknown

  • ©Unknown

Siblings (3)


Omegaville Update
Omegaville Viva La Diva
Omegaville All Dressed Up

Offspring (22) (Descendents)

dob: 2003-02-20  Dam: Hibacka's Lady Of The Lake

Hibacka's Willie Garvin
Ch. Hibacka's Modesty Blaise

dob: 2003-01-15  Dam: Tournais Waiting To Exhale

Tournais Use To You
Tournais Unlimited Needs
Tournais Under The Sun To Qu-Ya-Ya
Tournais Understatement Of The Year
Tournais Undo The Past

dob: 2002-02-09  Dam: Suanho's Kickapoo Girl

Suanho's Manitou
Suanho's Dark Pawnee
Ch. Suanho's BellaCoola
Suanho's Black Pomo

dob: 2001-10-24  Dam: Tournais Love Hurts

Tournais On And On
Tournais On The Road To Tapscott

dob: 2001-07-23  Dam: Suanho's Pocahontas

Suanho's Miwok
Suanho's Nayantara

dob: 2001-04-07  Dam: Suanho's Painted Craw

Suanho's Comanche
Suanho's Chumash
Suanho's Paiute
Suanho's Blackfoot
Suanho's Pontiac
Suanho's Chumash
Suanho's Shoshone

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