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AUSTGRANDCH  Oceanvale Snap

Reg. no
: 1429814
: 1994-03-02
: Pink & Blue
: Hairless
Mrs V. Smith (Oceanvale, Australia)
Lynette Mawson (Blackheath , Australia)
  • ©unknown

Siblings (3)


Oceanvale Snap


Oceanvale Sumthn Special

No birth date recorded

Oceanvale Over The Top

Offspring (42) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Mohawk Pandamonium Plus

Blackheath Evryinchabich

dob:   Dam: Mohawk Special Effects

Moheath Snap Attack

dob:   Dam: Oceanvale Little Chooey

Blackheath Ucan Kiss This
Blackheath Utah Princess

dob:   Dam: Eltarin Bold As Brass

Elcharinga Xue Loong

dob: 2004-03-23  Dam: Moheath Dark Design

Chinois Hijinx
Ch. Chinois Xiang Yao
Chinois White Orchid
Ch. Chinois Tiger Lily

dob: 2002-05-14  Dam: Kilfenora Snowflake

Blackheath G Whizz

dob: 2001-01-02  Dam: Mohawk Pandamonium Plus

Ch. Blackheath Eeza Showoff
Blackheath Ensx

dob: 1999-10-10  Dam: Oceanvale Little Chooey

Blackheath Angel Dust
Blackheath Angel Baby
Blackheath Armdndangrus

dob: 1998-08-12  Dam: Oceanvale Little Chooey

Blackheath Xs
Blackheath Xtc

dob: 1998-08-08  Dam: Chinkie Yen Liria

Blackheath Yuchun Kee
Blackheath Ysatis
Blackheath Yu Che Chun

dob: 1998-03-17  Dam: Mohawk Diamonds Nlace

Mohawk Tiger Lilee
Ch. Mohawk Tiger Lainee
Mohawk Tiger Laycee

dob: 1997-06-01  Dam: Oceanvale Little Chooey

Blackheath Ukatan
Ch. Blackheath Upto The Top

dob: 1996-10-22  Dam: Blackheath Impact

Primecca Miss Singapore

dob: 1996-10-22  Dam: Chinkie Yen Liria

Blackheath Recon Its Me
Blackheath Reckon Its Me

dob: 1996-10-13  Dam: Oceanvale Little Chooey

Ch. Blackheath Sugar N Spice
Ch. Blackheath Son Of Snap

dob: 1995-12-17  Dam: Fayrelyn Ice Dragon

Apocodeodar Snow Dragon
Apocodeodar Snap Dragon
Apocodeodar China Dragon
Apocodeodar Minie Dragon

dob: 1995-09-12  Dam: Chinkie Yen Liria

Blackheath Peach Blossom
Blackheath Pink Lace
Blackheath Power Pack

dob: 1995-09-04  Dam: Oceanvale Little Chooey

Blackheath Onyx

dob: 1995-09-01  Dam: Chinkie Yen Rosidor

Mijochi Top C C
Mijochi Puff C C

dob: 1995-08-28  Dam: Blackheath Im So Cute

Blackheath Nefertiti
Blackheath New Edition

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