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1999 - 2010
SECH  SV-00,-03, -07,-08 BISS BISLionheart Kracker Jack

Reg. no
: S52099/99
: 1999-09-14
: Blue
: Hairless
Lasse & Tove Hellström (Lionheart, Sverige)
Lasse & Tove Hellström (Lionheart, Sverige)

  • ©Pia

  • ©Pia

  • ©Unknown

  • ©Kennel Lionheart



Siblings (9)


Lionheart Keep Winning For Norway
Lionheart Krosschecking
Lionheart Kracker Jack
Lionheart Kreme De La Kreme
Lionheart Kare And Tender Love


Belshaw's Tamango
Belshaw's Vanilla
Belshaw's Cool Water Woman
Belshaw's Armani

Offspring (67) (Descendents)

dob: 2010-04-02  Dam: Anirac's Pretty Woman

Amyfield Makes My Heart Go Boom
Amyfield Makes People Talk

dob: 2009-11-10  Dam: Mewtwo's Lady

Nomilas Katch The Nightrider
Nomilas Kiss The Lady
Nomilas Kream Stream
Ch. Nomilas Keep The Diva In Charge
Nomilas Keep The Dream Alive
Nomilas Krazy Energy

dob: 2009-08-23  Dam: Lionheart Koka Kola

Qigous Kassiopeia
Qigous Supernova
Qigous Pollux
Qigous Galaxie
Qigous Kosmos

dob: 2008-11-27  Dam: Lionheart Koka Kola

Lionheart Kash Or Kredit

dob: 2008-08-03  Dam: Lionheart Kween Of Sheeba

Lionheart Kwick Trip
Ch. Lionheart Kool Advise
Lionheart Kokoloko
Lionheart Know Me As Tiffany

dob: 2008-07-26  Dam: Lionheart Kind A Kute

Moelmo's Dudley's Pride
Moelmo's Dolly Deluxe
Moelmo's Diva Day

dob: 2006-01-10  Dam: Lionheart Kalamity Jane

Cakma Cowe Beginning With Success
Cakma Cowe Beginning On The Top
Cakma Cowe Begin As Maze Of Fortune
Cakma Cowe Beginning With A Beauty
Cakma Cowe Beginners Luck

dob: 2005-08-10  Dam: Lionheart Kan-Kan Kalypso

Lionheart Kliffhanger

dob: 2005-06-24  Dam: Pola Bul-Staf


dob: 2005-04-03  Dam: Koynaur's D'n'd's Dee Dee

Koynaur's Dudley's Deja Vu
Koynaur's Dudley's De Luxe
Koynaur's Dudley's Dolce Vita

dob: 2004-06-25  Dam: Lionheart Kan-Kan

Ch. Lionheart King Of All
Lionheart Kwalkuna Ha La

dob: 2003-12-31  Dam: Chinetta's Corona Australis

Chinetta's Coronado Bay
Ch. Chinetta's Cripple Creek
Chinetta's Chicago Heights

dob: 2003-03-16  Dam: Lionheart Kan-Kan

Ch. Lionheart Keep My Promise
Ch. Lionheart Keep It In The Family

dob: 2002-10-28  Dam: Beddi's Business With Lionheart

Lionheart Kween Keiki
Lionheart Kween Kalahari
Lionheart Kween's Kastro
Ch. Lionheart Kween's Kocktail
Lionheart Kween Kayenne

dob: 2002-05-27  Dam: Beddi's Blue Brilliant Gem

Eikjhor Erotica
Eikjhor Esquire
Eikjhor Ecstatic

dob: 2002-05-06  Dam: Beddi's Scarlet O'Hara

Beddi's Ballyhoo
Beddi's Brizzard
Beddi's Baghera

dob: 2002-03-10  Dam: Nanimo Dayzee Belle

Koynaur's D'n'd's Da Bazz
Koynaur's D'n'd's Dee Dee

dob: 2001-07-28  Dam: Beddi's Scarlet O'Hara

Beddi's Bellman Sefir
Beddi's Brilliant Bride
Beddi's Bare Blessing
Beddi's Brainy Blighter

dob: 2001-07-23  Dam: Müslis Ticka

Lionheart Krack Attack
Lionheart Kool Kurtis
Lionheart Konnekting People

dob: 2001-06-20  Dam: Lionheart Kare And Tender Love

Lionheart Kattens Kitten
Lionheart Kool Kolibri
Lionheart Kat Man Du

dob: 2000-11-06  Dam: Koynaur's Amazing Spotted Lady

Koynaur's Dudley's Sonofabitch
Koynaur's Dudley's Darling Daughter
Koynaur's Dudley's Definition
Koynaur's Dudley's Double Trouble
Koynaur's Dudley's Delight
Koynaur's Dudley's Diablo

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