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1994 - 2009
AMCH  Sire Of MeritJokima Jasper

Reg. no
: TN359483/01
: 1994-02-06
: Black White Markings
: Hairless
: 34.29cm (13.5")
Nikki Strawbridge (Jokima, England)
Deborah Hudspeth (Spiritual, USA)
  • Age 14 yr 9 mos
    ©Deb H - Spirit

  • Happy 15th Birthday to my baby Jasper
    ©Deb H. - Spiritual

  • Age 13 1/2
    ©Deg H. Spirit

  • 9 months
    ©Deb H. - Spirit

  • Age 1 and 1/2
    ©Deb H - Spirit

  • ©Unknown

  • ©Jokima

  • Home Sweet Home age 13

  • Jasper pup
    ©D Hudspeth

  • Age 11
    ©D Hudspeth


Sire of 16 champions in 2 years
Finished in his first 3 shows winning over top ten ranked dogs.

Siblings (4)


Jokima Jasper
Jokima Josie
Jokima Journey
Jokima Jaunty

Offspring (52) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Mstic-Heart Dame' Of Taste

Mstic-Heart Sittin on Go

dob:   Dam: Vore's Singing The Blue's

Mstic-Heart Ebony and Ivory
Mystic-Heart Ebony and Ivory

dob: 1997-09-28  Dam: Mstical Pandia Of Susy Q

Mstic-Heart Dream Cycle
Mstic-Heart Snow Gnome

dob: 1997-05-09  Dam: Vore's Cameo Broach

Vore's Imperial Topaz

dob: 1997-04-17  Dam: Vore's Chung Foo Su-Chow

Vore's Charmer of Mstic-Heart

dob: 1997-01-10  Dam: Mstic-Heart Tsunami At Allayn

Ch. Allayn's Bare Necessities
Ch. Allayn's Slick Willie
Ch. Allayns Cruella De Vil
Ch. Allayns Bare Minimum

dob: 1996-11-01  Dam: Lamplighter's Bare Bottom

Ch. Winter Wind Beneath My Wings
Winter Windy City

dob: 1996-09-21  Dam: Mstic-Heart Epiphany

Mstic-Heart Liquid Silver
Ch. Mstic-Heart Notabichon Desusa

dob: 1996-09-04  Dam: Taleeca Titania

Ch. Bayshore English Accent
Bayshore's What's Up Doc

dob: 1996-07-22  Dam: Ms Tical Tiamat Of Medea

Mstic-Heart Ebony Kitten

dob: 1996-06-29  Dam: Tebroc's Sleeping Booty

Mstic-Heart Spun Silk

dob: 1996-06-22  Dam: Vore's Singing The Blue's

Mstic-Heart Crazy Horse

dob: 1996-06-08  Dam: Heartcrest X-Quiz-It

Ch. Mstic-Heart Kaliope
Mstic-Heart Kaleidoscope
Mstic-Heart Karousel

dob: 1996-06-07  Dam: Ancha's Gift Og Gab

Mstic-Heart Gabbys Last Word

dob: 1996-06-06  Dam: Mei Li's Ali Lu Ya

Mstic-Heart Spring Solstice

dob: 1996-05-02  Dam: Mstical Pandia Of Susy Q

Mstic-Heart Running Bare
Ch. Mstic-Heart Pandee Changeling
Ch. Mstic-Heart Naked Ambition

dob: 1996-04-21  Dam: Mstic-Heart Ishtar

Mstic-Heart Foxie Camacho

dob: 1996-04-14  Dam: Triin's Affair V Mstic-Heart

Mstic-Heart Jasper's Affair
Mstic-Heart I'll Do It My Way

dob: 1996-03-29  Dam: Vore's Ms Tical Scarab

Mstic-Heart Intro To Bayshore
Ch. Mstic-Heart Ginger Blue Xu-Fei
Ch. Mstic-Heart Go Ahead'N'Laugh
Ch. Mstic-Heart Fairytale Jester
Ch. Mistic-Heart Nightengale Song

dob: 1996-03-04  Dam: Lou-Ell's Mei Li

Mstic-Heart Notta Dollmation
Mei Li's Fairy Fantasy
Mstic-Heart French Vanilla

dob: 1996-03-02  Dam: Heartcrest Ms Thistle Down

Mstic-Heart Netsuke At Allayn
Ch. Mstic-Heart Ming The Merciless
Mstic-Heart Tea-For-Two

dob: 1996-02-17  Dam: Mei Li's Susy Q

Mstic-Heart Blk N Wht Dermis
Ch. Mstic-Heart Blk N Wht Issue
Rainbos In Black And White
Mstic-Heart Blackn White BMW
Mstic-Heart Uniquely Unusual

dob: 1995-05-28  Dam: Lou-Ell's Marvella

Marvella's Little Bad Gremlin
Marvella's Big Bad Stripe
Marvella's Hugga Mugga Max
Marvella's Little Red Gremlin
Marvellas Canadian Copper Head

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