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INTCH(FCI)  NORDCH  SECH  Hibacka's King Arthur

Reg. no
: S38864/99
: 1999-05-03
: Blue
: Hairless
Ann & Esa Suvanto (Hibacka's, Sverige)
Ann & Esa Suvanto (Hibacka's, Sverige)

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  • In Veteran BIS
    ©Sanna Wardström


8xCert, BIS

Siblings (3)


Hibacka's King Arthur
Hibacka's Lady Of The Lake
Hibacka's Merlin The Magician

Offspring (21) (Descendents)

dob: 2002-04-08  Dam: Båvens Brilliant Ice Fern

Hibacka's Illuing The Northern Ligh
Ch. Hibacka's Gandalf The Wizard
Hibacka's Frodo The Ring Carrier
Hibacka's Bard The Dragon Killer
Hibacka's Precious Mithril

dob: 2001-10-09  Dam: Sandfield's Zusanli

Sandfield's Chrysaor
Sandfield's Chimaira
Sandfield's Charon
Sandfield's Cheiron
Sandfield's Pegasus

dob: 2001-04-20  Dam: Lionheart Kristmas Kandice

Hibacka's Lilla Skogsrå
Hibacka's Lilla Älva

dob: 2001-04-04  Dam: Puffen's Valido Ragazza

Puffen's Oups Im Not Naked
Puffen's Oups We Did It Again

dob: 2000-11-25  Dam: Suanho's Kickapoo Girl

Suanho's Potomac
Suanho's Youghiogheni
Suanho's Chiricahua

dob: 2000-09-03  Dam: Hibacka's Sarabi

Hibacka's Idun The Goddess Of Love
Ch. Hibacka's Freja The Goddess
Hibacka's The Mighty Thor
Hibacka's Oden Of Valhall

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