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INTCH(FCI)  PLCH  PLJCH  Middle & East Europe W-02 PolW-01, Bundessieger 2001, PolJW-00 EuJW-00Goldenberry Orca

Reg. no
: SHSB.582180
: 1999-10-08
: Hairless
R & W Meier (Goldenberry, Sveits)

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2000 World Dog Show - Best Puppy Of The Breed,Dortmund Winner 2001,Lozanna Winner 2002,4 x CACIB,Ch.PL.Junior CHampion ,INTER.CHAMPION RETIRED

Offspring (49) (Descendents)

dob: 2006-07-26  Dam: Ivory Sub Divo

Holla Quithanna Sub-O-Divo

dob: 2005-12-21  Dam: Pamplona Sub Divo

Ecco Enduro Sub-O-Divo
Exqusita Sub-O-Divo
Excellenta Sub-O-Divo

dob: 2005-10-18  Dam: Impresja Mistyk Chord Ew-Dar

Dhalila Sub-O-Divo
Diego Sub-O-Divo
Dilayla Sub-O-Divo
Dilayla Sub-O-Divo

dob: 2005-06-13  Dam: British Glori Berenika

Belle Choux Choux Sub-O-Divo
Batida De Coco Sub-O-Divo
Bandoleiro Fantastico Sub-O-Divo
Bijoux Sub-O-Divo
Buffalo Bill Sub-O-Divo

dob: 2004-07-17  Dam: Lee Lee Chi The Legend of Shangrila

Tiffany Mares Sub-O-Divo

dob: 2003-09-30  Dam: Iariel Maphi Ew-Dar

Ragazzo Sub Divo

dob: 2003-08-04  Dam: Goldenberry Young Orange Blossom

Quirinella Sub Divo
Ch. Quando Sub Divo

dob: 2003-07-21  Dam: British Glori Berenika

Pamplona Sub Divo
Ch. Pirelli Sub Divo
Phoenixia Sub Divo

dob: 2003-01-29  Dam: Ecce-Homo Dew

Ozyrys Amitycja
Orfeusz Amitycja
Ch. Oliwia Orca Amitycja
Oktawia Orka Amitycja

dob: 2003-01-27  Dam: Lee Lee Chi The Legend of Shangrila

Nino Sub Divo
Nayra Sub Divo
Nelson Sub Divo
Numero Uno Sub Divo
Nubya Sub Divo
Ch. Nobel Sub Divo

dob: 2002-10-17  Dam: British Glori Berenika

Montinelli Sub Divo
Milva Sub Divo
Ch. Manolito Sub Divo
Magic Night Sub Divo
My Melody Sub Divo

dob: 2002-10-08  Dam: Iariel Maphi Ew-Dar

La Paloma Sub o Divo

dob: 2002-07-17  Dam: Goldenberry Young Orange Blossom

Kihra Sub Divo

dob: 2002-03-22  Dam: Impresja Mistyk Chord Ew-Dar

Juvena Sub - Divo
Jollie Sub Divo
Ch. Jay-Jay Sub Divo

dob: 2002-01-17  Dam: Lee Lee Chi The Legend of Shangrila

Ch. I'm A Naked Toy Boy Sub-o-divo
Ilana Sub Divo
Ch. Ivory Sub Divo
Iphigenia Sub Divo
Ismena Sub Divo

dob: 2002-01-01  Dam: Figa Amitycja

Harley D. Sub Divo
Havana Kiss Sub Divo

dob: 2001-03-24  Dam: Iariel Maphy Ew-Dar

Evian Sub Divo

dob: 2001-03-13  Dam: Goldenberry Young Orange Blossom

Ch. Duke Sub Divo

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