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CANCH  Gail Don's Spots 'N Barely Gizmo

Reg. no
: CN180152
: 1994-07-02
: 61
: Hairless
Gail McLeanen (Gail Dons, Canada)
Windspiel (Nancy Larson, Canada)
  • ©unknown

Siblings (4)


Gail Dons Lots A Spots Floyd
Gail Don's Spots 'N Barely Gizmo
Gail Dons Bare Naked Lady HL
Gail Dons Lots A Dimples HL

Offspring (7) (Descendents)

dob:   Sire: Bayshore Walkie Talkie

Windspiel According to Shandia

dob:   Sire: Whispering Lane J-E-L-L-O

Windspiel Eric The Red

dob: 1995-12-12  Sire: Alines Bare Bluedog HL

Windspiel Picalilly
Windspiel A Touch Of Frost
Windspiel Colinton Mei Toi
Windspiel Branston
Windspiel Rapunzel

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