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ACCCCH  Dearborn's Sho Ki SOM

Reg. no
: TD413571 FDS
: 1986-12-17
: Marbled
: Hairless
Breeder unknown. If you know who the breeder of this dog is you can help us improve the database by adding this information.
Geltrude Corbett (Tebroc, Canada)

  • ©Tonna Carlo

  • ©Tonna Carlo

Siblings (3)


Dearborn's Yew Yak
Dearborn's Sho Ki SOM


Gorman's Kimchi Lee Li

Offspring (44) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Tebroc's Foxy Lady

Tebroc's Fabian

dob: 1999-09-30  Dam: Batal's Spice Girl Of Tebroc

Tebroc Pokimon' Eevee

dob: 1997-06-01  Dam: Stormin'Mai Ling At Toadhall

Charley May

dob: 1997-06-01  Dam: Tebroc's JJ Tiffany

Starpuffs Spencer Tracy

dob: 1996-02-17  Dam: Tebroc's JJ Tiffany

Stormin' Knight
Stormin's Normin's Mi Gypsee

dob: 1995-08-13  Dam: Tebroc's JJ Tiffany

Stormin' Night

dob: 1993-07-25  Dam: Falconcrest Ain't Misbehaven

Tebroc's Misty Morn
Tebroc's It's The Right One Baby
Tebroc's P S I Luv You

dob: 1992-10-09  Dam: Tebroc's Foxy Lady

Tebroc's Thistle
Ch. Tebroc Rafina Metallica
Tebroc Rafina Heartstrings
Ch. Tebroc's Fabion

dob: 1992-03-28  Dam: Tebroc's Buttercup

Tebroc's Hsiao Golden Geisha
Ch. Tebroc's Hsiao Cinnabar
Ch. Tebroc Hsiao Cinnabar
Tebroc's Hsiao Kao Ping

dob: 1992-03-15  Dam: Tebroc's JJ Tiffany

Tebroc's Lu-Wan Of Paw-Zazz
Ch. Tebroc's Valentino Sensation
Tebroc's Siloet Of Paw Zazz
Tebroc's Magic Sable Dragon

dob: 1990-11-30  Dam: Falconcrest Ain't Misbehaven

Tebroc's Crystal Witch-Ling
Tebroc's Winter Hawk
Tebroc's Sweet Cheeks
Tebroc's Bo Jangles
Tebroc's Sleeping Booty

dob: 1990-05-14  Dam: Sue Sue

Tebroc's Frizi Dizi Kizi
Tebroc's Speedy Gonzales
Tebroc's Sugarplum Faerie

dob: 1990-05-09  Dam: Tebroc's Say-Sue

Toy Town's Star Chin Le
Toy Town's Star Man Of Tebroc

dob: 1990-03-06  Dam: Palmares Mung Kei

Palmares Un-She-Ka
Palmares Fireworks Angelcrest

dob: 1990-01-11  Dam: Tebroc's Kuai Lien

Tebroc's Snappy Dragon
Tebroc's Lady Silkworm
Tebroc's Cinnamon Twist
Schiagei Song Fu

dob: 1989-07-22  Dam: Tebroc's Say-Sue

Tebroc's Against All Odds

dob: 1989-07-18  Dam: Tebroc's Foxy Lady

Tebroc's Pheobe Duk Therapy
Tebroc Frosty Jack
Ch. Tebroc's Sparkle Plenty
Tebroc's Willow

dob: 1989-03-25  Dam: Gorman's Bella Donna Took

Slatten's Sho Ki Andy

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