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1999 - 2009
Bozo Gang's Once Upon A Time

Reg. no
: 38246/99
: 1999-07-28
: mahogany
: Hairless
Anne Rosendahl (Bozo Gang's, Finland)
Helena Hyttinen (Kuminaaman, Finland)
Julia Hyttinen (Yulilja, Finland)

  • ©Marianne Salminen

  • Bozo Gang's Once Upon A Time "Maija"
    ©Mira Saario


2xCAC, 1xBOS, 1xBB-2, 1xVACA

Siblings (8)


Bozo Gang's Obvious Brat
Bozo Gang's One And Only
Bozo Gang's One Of The Lads
Bozo Gang's Out And About
Bozo Gang's Obi-Wan Kenobi
Bozo Gang's Overdose
Bozo Gang's On One's Own
Bozo Gang's Once Upon A Time

Offspring (20) (Descendents)

dob: 2005-06-14  Sire: Joyway's Kiss Me Romeo

Kuminaaman Delivering Milo
Kuminaaman De'Lovely
Kuminaaman Deep Blue Sea
Ch. Kuminaaman Donovan's Reef
Kuminaaman Date With Falcon
Kuminaaman Dark Angel
Kuminaaman Drowning Mona

dob: 2004-03-04  Sire: Nakkeri Nakupunkkari

Kuminaaman Bierce Brosnan
Kuminaaman Borco Rosso
Ch. Kuminaaman Bablo Picasso

dob: 2002-11-25  Sire: Beddi's Brainy Blighter

Bozo Gang's Bugger
Bozo Gang's Bomb
Bozo Gang's Braveheart
Bozo Gang's Bugaboo

dob: 2000-12-24  Sire: Omegaville Storm Warrior

Bozo Gang's Sunflower
Bozo Gang's Smoky Adam
Bozo Gang's Strawberry
Bozo Gang's Sir Lancelot
Bozo Gang's So What
Ch. Bozo Gang's Storm In Eugenios

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