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Benjamin Modry Kvet

: 1996-11-12
: Black White Mkgs
: Hairless
: 32.00cm (12.5")
Jiri Pospisil (Modry Kvet, Tsjekkia)
Owner unknown.
  • © Jan Simecek

  • ©Jan Simecek

Siblings (12)


Bellami Modry kvet
Benjamin Modry Kvet
Body Modry kvet
Beggy Modry kvet
Bara Modry kvet
Bextry Modry kvet


Cety Modry kvet
COLLIN Modry kvet
C'China Modry kvet
Cenn Modry kvet
Clliv Modry kvet

No birth date recorded

Beggy Modrý Kv?t

Offspring (17) (Descendents)

dob: 2000-04-15  Dam: Campanela Puf od Zlate Samanty

Daisy Cin-Cin Pet
Dejvid Cin-Cin Pet
Debie Cin-Cin Pet
Dippi Cin-Cin Pet
Demi Cin-Cin Pet
Dio Cin-Cin Pet

dob: 1999-04-22  Dam: Campanela Puf od Zlate Samanty

Catleya Cin-Cin Pet
Casio Cin-Cin Pet
Casandra Cin-Cin Pet
Casiope Cin-Cin Pet
Campanela Cin-Cin Pet
Caomi Cin-Cin Pet
Clea Cin-Cin Pet

dob: 1999-04-02  Dam: Siu Shan z Vlozu

Audrey Cherie Boheme
Ch. Adina Cherie Boheme

dob: 1999-01-19  Dam: Berri Puff Pod Mendou

Abelia Dívcí dvur
Aphel Dívcí dvur

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