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Belshaw's Head Over Heels

Reg. no
: S41353/2002
: 2002-05-28
: Blue
: Hairless
Anna-Karin Roligs (Belshaw's, Sverige)
Anna Larsson & Erica Larsson (Chineseblue's, Sverige)
  • Belshaw's Head Over Heels
    ©Anna-Karin Roligs

  • "Shakira"
    Picturemontage Cayafa's

Siblings (6)


Belshaw's No Regrets
Belshaw's Plus Masquline
Belshaw's Tempore Donna
Belshaw's Tender Light
Belshaw's Head Over Heels
Belshaw's Very Valentino

Offspring (27) (Descendents)

dob: 2008-07-30  Sire: Fire Dance Top Model De Rama

Chineseblue's Just Havi'n Fun
Chineseblue's Just Sweet Like Sugar
Chineseblue's Just A Dream
Chineseblue's Just Like You
Chineseblue's Just My Style

dob: 2006-08-03  Sire: Madness Armani

Chineseblue's Full Creme
Chineseblue's Fancy Girl
Chineseblue's Fifty-Fifty
Chineseblue's Found You
Chineseblue's Fairy Tale
Chineseblue's Fantastic Babe
Chineseblue's Fit For Fight
Chineseblue's Finesse

dob: 2005-06-09  Sire: Frostice Allow Me

Chineseblue's Casanova In Blue
Chineseblue's Crosschecking
Chineseblue's Candy Girl
Chineseblue's Caramel Delight

dob: 2004-04-30  Sire: Tournais Wasting No Time

Ch. Chineseblue's Bailys Creme
Chineseblue's Billy Boy
Chineseblues Bitch In Black
Chineseblues Billy The Kid
Chineseblue's Brianna Go To Fullibus

dob: 2003-10-18  Sire: Woodlyn's Polka Passion

Belshaw's Chelsea Dreams
Belshaw's Sleeping Beauty
Belshaw's Fabu Plush
Belshaw's Ghost Myst
Belshaw's Deep Night

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