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2001 - 2009

Reg. no
: FIN25128/01
: 2001-02-11
: Blue
: Hairless
Bibi Stäveby (Beddi's, Sverige)
Heidi Nummiola (Kiikunkaakun, Finland)
  • BOB-vet and BM-3 in Oulu int-09

  • ©Lari

  • ©Lari

  • ©Lari

  • ©Lari

  • ©Nina Enqvist

  • ©Satu Posio

  • BOB & New Champion 28th Aug 2005, Heinola
    ©Essi Suominen

  • Kouvola 27th Aug 2005
    ©Sanna Vehkomäki

  • Jorma BIG-3 in Oulu int-show 2005

  • Jorma BIG 1 in Heinola all breed show 2005

  • ©Tanja Ahola

  • ©

  • BOB & New Champion 28th Aug 2005, Heinola
    ©Essi Suominen

  • ©Lassi Alestalo

  • ©Lassi Alestalo


4 x CC, BIG-1, BIG-3, 5xCACIB, Crested of the year 2005 in Finland

Siblings (4)


Beddi's Big Boss
Beddi's Bon Jovi
Beddi's Bonnie Butler
Beddi's Back Packer

Offspring (54) (Descendents)

dob: 2009-08-04  Dam: Jarlein Bibiana

Goldenbay's Big Brother
Goldenbay's Better Half
Goldenbay's Backstage Star
Goldenbay's Bird of Paradise

dob: 2009-06-23  Dam: Crestwood Obvious Obsess

Crestwood Ring My Bell
Crestwood Rabbit From The Hat
Crestwood Ride The Comet
Crestwood Rocking Horse
Crestwood Red Carpet Treatment

dob: 2008-02-16  Dam: Dragon Moon Make Me See Stars

Windy Forest's Pandora
Windy Forest's Chiquinquira
Windy Forest's Aquiles
Ch. Windy Forest's Valentina
Windy Forest's Beatriz
Windy Forest's Orestes

dob: 2007-04-16  Dam: Idea Germanika

Arte Figure Art Deco
Arte Figure Abstract
Arte Figure Avantgarde

dob: 2006-08-19  Dam: Kiikunkaakun Aerodactyl

Kiikunkaakun Jorma Jr
Kiikunkaakun Juno Jekkuli
Kiikunkaakun Jänkhä Juzzi

dob: 2006-06-20  Dam: In-Sa-In Patricija Svift

Ch. Mooncrest Commander Keen
Mooncrest Cinderella
Mooncrest Celtic Moon
Mooncrest Candyman Can
Mooncrest Caramia Love

dob: 2005-09-20  Dam: Shademate Clarissimba

Shademate Fire Flame
Shademate Flying Finn
Shademate Funny Flute

dob: 2004-10-08  Dam: Shademate Aleksandra

Shademate Edward
Shademate Edvard
Shademate Epsilon
Shademate Erotic
Shademate Electra

dob: 2004-06-26  Dam: Zhannel's Oh Dear

April Fool's Yussi Pussi
April Fool's Yuntti Puntti
April Fool's Yuppi Tuppi
April Fool's Yumppa Humppa

dob: 2004-06-15  Dam: Yodanites Enigmatic

Yodanites Hagrid
Yodanites Hermione

dob: 2003-03-07  Dam: Yodanites Destany

Yodanites Goes Zhannels

dob: 2002-11-02  Dam: Zhannel's Nice'n Easy

Zhannel's Le Petit Prince
Zhannel's La Chouchoute
Zhannel's Le Roi Soleil

dob: 2002-06-14  Dam: Shademate Afrodite

Yodanites Fancy Woman
Yodanites Fancydog
Yodanites Fancyman

dob: 2002-05-06  Dam: Zhannel's La Bonnie

Yodanites Entertainer
Yodanites Electrocute
Yodanites Ebullience
Yodanites Enchantress
Yodanites Eccentric
Yodanites Enigmatic
Yodanites Elegance

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