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Jean Dark Zoe Jane

: 2021-06-25
: Blue and White
: Hairless
Felicia & Jeanett Lemmeke (Jean Dark, Sverige)
Malin Gustafsson (Ravenoak, Sverige)
Eva Carina Kristiansen (Girls Girls, Norge)
Marit Bakke (Tedireanhi, Norge)
Felicia & Jeanett Lemmeke (Jean Dark, Sverige)
  • fall of 2021
    ©Eva C Kristiansen

  • 8,5 w
    ©Jean Dark

  • 7,5 weeks old
    ©Jean Dark

  • 7,5 weeks old
    ©Jean Dark

  • 5,5 weeks old
    ©Ravenoak / F.W Lemmeke

  • 1 day old


Health results
Eye cerfed. -
Patella Lux. -
PLL. -
PRA-prcd. -
PRA-prcd3. -
DM. -
Hart. -

Siblings (9)


Jean Dark Zarah O'Zarah
Jean Dark Zimzallabim at Gemadar
Jean Dark Zummertime Magic
Jean Dark Zummer For A Day
Jean Dark Zoe Jane
Jean Dark Z
Jean Dark Zummer Lady
Jean Dark Zay My Name
Jean Dark Zillionare

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