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ITACH  SLOCH  Jr. It. Ch. - Jr. Club Champion 2019Moon Harbour Orus

: 2018-10-11
: black and white
: Hairless
Abasse Issa (Moon Harbour, Frankrike)
Milanesi Valeria Elena (Dakotarose, Italia)
  • @08-2020

  • @BoB Fano 2020
    ©Simone Luca

  • @Fano2020
    ©Simone Luca

  • @Fano2020
    ©Simone Luca

  • @ slovenia 2020

  • #bari2020
    ©Tommaso Urciolo

  • #bari2020 specialty CCD
    ©Tommaso Urciolo


  • 31/12/2018
    ©V. Milanesi

  • 31/12/2018
    ©V. Milanesi

  • 31/12/2018
    ©V. Milanesi

  • ©

  • ©

  • ©


Patella 0/0
Cerf clear
PLL PRA Clear by test
PRA rcd3 clear
HUU Clear
DM Clear
6-9/08/2020 Slovenia
2 x cac
2 x rcac
1 x bob

30-08-2020 NDS Fano
Cac BoB

Siblings (7)


Moon Harbour Olinda
Moon Harbour Odieuse
Moon Harbour Orlof
Moon Harbour Onorine
Moon Harbour Odin
CH . Moon Harbour Octave
Moon Harbour Orus

Offspring (26) (Descendents)

dob: 2021-06-06  Dam: Touch Beauty Trace In History

Ch. Victory's Laurel Happy Go Lucky
Victory's Laurel Hypnotize Me
Victory's Laurel Hot Fun In Summertime

dob: 2021-06-04  Dam: Dakotarose Wrecking Ball From Lunae Border

Dakota Rose Monna Lisa
Jr Ch. Dakota Rose Rondò Veneziano
Ch. Jr. Ch. Dakota Rose Leonardo Da Vinci

dob: 2021-05-20  Dam: Everyday Mine Victory's Laurel

Victory's Laurel Ginger Bread
Ch. Victory's Laurel Glow In The Dark
Victory's Laurel Gangsta's Paradise
Victory's Laurel Get The Party Started
Victory's Laurel Girl From Mars

dob: 2021-04-22  Dam: Dakota Rose Will Discover Who Are

Ch. Dakota Rose Come Per Incanto
Dakota Rose Stricktly Ballroom
Dakota Rose He's A Heartbreaker

dob: 2021-04-17  Dam: Solino's It's All about Me

Dakota Rose Bare Code
Dakota Rose Prince Philip
Dakota Rose Love is in the Air

dob: 2020-12-27  Dam: Soltanto Gussy Up

Victory's Laurel Flower On The Wall
Victory's Laurel From Me To You
Victory's Laurel Fly Me To The Moon
Victory's Laurel Fill My Heart

dob: 2020-10-24  Dam: Dakotarose Wrecking Ball From Lunae Border

Dakota Rose Rock N' Roll Party Queen
Dakota Rose Look At Me
Dakota Rose You're The One That I Want
Dakota Rose Summer Nights

dob: 2020-09-05  Dam: Multi Int. Ch. Dakota Rose Black Surprise

Ch. Ch. Hearts On Fire For Dakotarose

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