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VDHCH  PLCH  SLOCH  Deutscher Champion CCC, Deutscher Champion CER, Landessieger Alzeyer-Land 2021, German Winner 2021, Sommer-Sieger CCC 2021Colore Della Vita Magma
"El Capo "

: 2018-02-19
: Chocolate&Tan
: Hairless
: 31.00cm (12.2") / 5.00kg (11.0#)
Marija Zemlianskaja (MAGMA, Litauen)
M. Sojka / Germany / (Empathie, Tyskland)

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  • CACIB Wroclaw- BOB puppy
    ©fot.Black Dragon&Roingold

  • teeth

  • teeth

  • teeth

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PLL clear - the genetic test
Prcd-PRA clear - the genetic test
PRA-rcd 3 clear - the genetic test
CERF (ECVO) - clear (KCS, gonioscopy - clear)-2019
Patellar luxation - 0/0
Dysplasia (HD) - A

Siblings (6)


Castello In Aria Magma
Credi Nei Sogni Magma
Colore Della Vita Magma
Capo D'opera Magma


La Vittoria E Tornata Magma
L'Antonio Vittore Magma

Offspring (40) (Descendents)

dob: 2022-04-15  Dam: Bethesda Empathie


dob: 2021-10-16  Dam: Athene Empathie

Aurica von den Lawitzer Cavelln
Aurora von den Lawitzer Cavelln
Ava von den Lawitzer Cavelln
Almira von den Lawitzer Cavelln
Arun von den Lawitzer Cavelln
Alisa von den Lawitzer Cavelln
Adrik von den Lawitzer Cavelln

dob: 2021-09-17  Dam: Suis Boxenluder

ICE Man Heritage of Han
Idefix Heritage of Han
Itsy Bitsy Heritage of Han
Ilou Heritage of Han

dob: 2021-04-01  Dam: I'm Charming Heybett Jemalle

Faro Empathie
Fazit Empathie
Furie Empathie
Fafner Empathie
Faunus Empathie

dob: 2020-08-25  Dam: Cynia Roingold

Dzika namietnosc Roingold
Dragon La Folie Roingold
Dam ci milosc Roingold
Dziarska dziewucha Roingold

dob: 2020-07-29  Dam: TAJGA Super Ciapki

YUKI Super Ciapki
YOSHI Super Ciapki
YUMI Super Ciapki

dob: 2020-07-06  Dam: Attibassi Dream Of Coffee Roingold FCI

Carraro Dream Of Coffee FCI
Cellini Dream Of Coffee FCI
Cortado Dream Of Coffee FCI
Ch. Corretto Dream Of Coffee FCI
Ch. Corto Dream Of Coffee FCI
Ch. Carte Noire Dream Of Coffee FCI
Ch. Caruso Dream Of Coffee FCI

dob: 2020-02-27  Dam: Tina Cool Lady

B - Delicious Chocolate Dream Of Coffee Fci
B - White Chocolate Dream Of Coffee Fci
B - Sweet Chocolate Dream Of Coffee Fci
B - Galaxy Chocolate Dream Of Coffee Fci

dob: 2019-12-09  Dam: Semper Invicta Roingold

Kolezanka Kolesia Roingold
Kawusia z Mlekiem Roingold
Kasztanowlosy Koles Roingold
Ch. Kokaina Roingold

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