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KBHJV -18ChinoPata's Jalla Forrest Jalla

Reg. no
: SE56489/2017
: 2017-10-01
: Hairless
Lena Blom & Lena-Maria Blom (ChinoPata's, Sverige)
Lena Blom & Lena-Maria Blom (ChinoPata's, Sverige)
  • 9 month
    ©Marjo Rönkä

  • 9 month
    ©Marjo Rönkä

  • 8 månader
    ©Jean T Alexandersson

  • 5 month

  • Jarle
    4 weeks

  • Jarle
    4 weeks

  • Jarle
    4 weeks

  • Newborn

Siblings (11)


ChinoPata's Jack Lost The Bean
ChinoPata's Japanese Sushi Maker
ChinoPata's Jokerface GaGa
ChinoPata's Jane Dot Not Doe
ChinoPata's Jalla Forrest Jalla
ChinoPata's Jolene Took My Man


ChinoPata's Oy Oy Oy
ChinoPata's Oink Oink
ChinoPata's Omelette Du Fromage
ChinoPata's Oh My Gadh
ChinoPata's Oh Shit Pomfritt

Offspring (13) (Descendents)

dob: 2020-05-22  Dam:

Marachinos Ymmi Express

dob: 2020-04-21  Dam: Spotifly China Girl

Spotifly Future Legend
Spotifly Fantastic Voyage
Spotifly Fashion
Spotifly Fascination
Spotifly Fame
Spotifly Fill Your Heart
Spotifly Friday On My Mind
Spotifly Friend Of Mine

dob: 2020-02-03  Dam: Myrnas Mignon Étoile Amazing Faith

ChinoPata's Pull My Finger
ChinoPata's Peekaboo
ChinoPata's Preferred Naked
ChinoPata's Problem Solved

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