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AMCH  CANCH  GRCH  MBis Rbis Biss Bpis Bpiss Mbbpis Can GchB Am Ch Sassytails I Go Commando

Reg. no
: EJ703856
: 2017-05-13
: Black with white
: Hairless
: 29.21cm (11.5")
Helene Belanger (SassyTails, Canada)
Helene Belanger (SassyTails, Canada)
  • CDF ad Sept. 15.21
    BIS Seaway KC - judge: Steve Dainard

  • August 2020

  • Pawprint Genetics panel: all clear

  • RBIS - Windsor KC 2019
    Judge: Peter Machen

  • 2019 ACCC regional specialty Award Of Merit
    Judge: Deirdre Petrie

  • CERFnormal March 2019

  • Grp 1, Essex County 2019
    Judge: Anne Hennigan

  • Sarnia KC 2019
    Group 1st - judge: Mrs. Joan Beech

  • Best In Show
    Caledon Kennel Club Dec 1.18
    Judge: Darryl Vice (US)

  • Caledon KC Dec1.18
    Down and back

  • Nov 2018
    Ad designed by Wendy Ryen

  • Kalamazoo 2018
    BOS, BW, BOH
    Ed Bivin

  • Kalamazoo 2018
    BOB, BW Vicki Abbott

  • Chinese Crested Club of Canada regional specialty
    Best of Breed
    Mickey Best Veteran

  • August 2018 in Brockville

  • Ad for Canuck Dogs

  • Sarnia KC 2018
    Judge: Robert Stein (US)
    Grp 2 and Best Canadian Bred In Show

  • Canadian Kennel Club Grand Champion

  • Sarnia KC 2018
    Judge: Olga Gagne

  • Sarnia KC 2018
    Group 2nd, judge: Barbara Heal

  • Group 1, Erie Shores KC 2018
    Judge: John Constantine (US)

  • BOS Ontario Chinese Crested Club 2018
    Erie Shores

  • Victoria County KC April 26.18
    Grp 3rd & BPIG
    Judge: Mr. Lanctot

  • Birch Run Michigan April 6, 2018
    WD, 4 pts major

  • Canadian Kennel Club Ch certificate

  • WD & BBBE Delaware Valley Chinese Crested specialty 2018.
    (Could not wait for the judge, had long drive).

  • RWD & BBE Delaware Valley Chinese Crested specialty 2018

  • BPIS Wildwood KC 2018
    Judge: Barbara Alderman

  • BPIG Wildwood KC 2018
    Judge: Mike Macbeth

  • Group 3 & BPIG Wildwood KC 2018
    Judge: Barbara Alderman

  • BPISS Lakeside Toy Dog Fancier
    Caledon KC
    Judge: Jackqueline Stacy

  • Jackman at 5 months and 1 week

  • Best Baby Puppy In Show
    Burlingon KC
    Judge: M. O'Neil
    Sept. 24, 2017
    4 1/2 months

  • Best Baby Puppy In Show - 15 weeks
    Markham Kennenl Club

  • Best Baby Puppy In Show both shows. 15 weeks
    Markham Kennel Club

  • 14 weeks

  • 12 weeks

  • 12 weeks

  • 12 weeks

  • 12 weeks

  • Jacman at 10 weeks

  • Jackman 5 weeks

  • 14 days

  • 14 days

  • 6 days old


PLL, PRA, PRCD rod cone 3, clear.
Has produced dry eye and undershot.
Schirmer test: R 14, L 13

Siblings (3)


Sassytails Silk Lace Merry Widow
Sassytails Victoria's Secret
MBis Rbis Biss Bpis Bpiss Mbbpis Can GchB Am Ch Sassytails I Go Commando

Offspring (25) (Descendents)

dob: 2021-05-17  Dam: CH Taja Bangles Bejewelled

Taja Night Star Ulyssa
Taja The Decorated Knight

dob: 2021-01-27  Dam: Moon Harbour Oh Lala

Sassytails Mademoiselle De Clairmont
Sassytails The Sun King
Sassytails Domaine Du Chevalier

dob: 2019-10-18  Dam: Kaylen's Summerstorm

Kaylens Sassytails Order Of The Phoenix
Kaylens The Wand Choose The Wizard At Newcrest
Puppy #1
Ch. Kaylen's Wizard for Olyuti-Gattaca

dob: 2019-08-07  Dam: Kaylens Pammar Don t Stop The Music

Ch. Sassytails Kaylens Captain America
Sassytails Ice Queen
Sassytails Black Panther
Sassytails Black Widow

dob: 2019-07-01  Dam: Krescendo China Moon

Ch. NV and Valour's Bound by Twilight
Ch. NV's Pull the Stars from the Sky
NV and Valour's Bound by Starlight
NV's Dark Star

dob: 2019-05-09  Dam: Moon Harbour Nefertiti Queen

Sassytails Queensguard Knight
Sassytails He Will Be King
Sassytails Unforeseen Heroine
Sassytails Mother Of Dragons
Sassytails Ultimate Warlord
Sassytails King Of The North

dob: 2018-07-16  Dam: GCHS Famous Mz. Heiress

Ch. Valour's The Rightful Heir
Ch. Valour's Heiress To The Throne at NV

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