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Lunacrest Among The Shooting Stars

Reg. no
: FI22388/17
: 2017-03-16
: black & white
: Hairless
: 34.29cm (13.5")
Jonna Laakso (Lunacrest, Finland)
Dianne Boden
Diane Boden (Gemadar, England)

  • ©D.Boden

  • ©D.Boden

  • ©D.Boden

  • 3 1/4 years old

  • CCDC open show, age 2 years
    ©Donna Crow

  • 15 months

  • Almost 12 months

  • Crufts 2018

  • 11 months

  • 10 months

  • 9 months

  • At play

  • 7 months

  • 7 months

  • 26 weeks

  • 5 months old

  • 20 weeks

  • 19 weeks

  • 18 weeks

  • 17.5 weeks

  • 15 weeks

  • Bit over 9 weeks old.

  • ©JL

  • ©JL

  • ©JL


Bva tested clear 2020
Cdpa clear
Cddy with ivdd risk affected
Cmsd clear

Stafford open show, 23/9/17. 1st puppy and bpib, judge Fiona Valentine (pattonia)
Walsall & district K.A (18/11/17 1st puppy, bpib & rb.o.b judge John Purnell
Sedgley & Gornal C.A (26/11/17) 1st jnr & bpib judge Hannah Stallard (Silkridge)
L.k.a Championship show 2017 3rd mpd, qualifying for Crufts 2018,
Crufts 2018- 2nd puppy dog
U.K. Toy dog;2018
Junior dog vhc
Chinese crested dog club open show 2018
2nd junior dog
2nd special yearling dog
Chinese crested club of GB Ch show 2018
Res junior
2nd yearling dog
W.E.L.K.S ch show 2018
1st special beginners dog, best special beginner in breed. Judge Diana Spavin
The National 2018 reserve junior dog
Stafford agricultural show
1st jnr , 1st pg B.O.B
Walsall open show 1st pg and rbob. Judge Tracy McGowan
Birmingham Toy Dog open show 1/9 post graduate
Boston Ch show 6/1/19 1st Pg dog judge Brian Rix
Manchester Ch 2019 3rd post graduate dog
Crufts 2019 3rd yearling Res Pg dog judge Lee Cox
CCDC open show 2019, 1st grade, 1sr Pg dog, judge Rebecca Agronius ( prefix)
Derby c.c open 2019 1ph and rbob
W.E.L.K.S Ch show 2019: 1st pg dog. Judge Frank Kane
Stafford agriculture open show, 1st Pg and RBOB
Ccdc Ch show 4/8/19
3rd graduate dog, 3rd Pg dog 1st spb dog. Judge Deirdre Petrie (U.S)
City of Birmingham Ch show 2nd Pg dog
L.K.A Ch show 2nd Pg dog, judge Tom Isherwood

Manchester Ch show 1st post graduate dog; judge Irene McManus
Crufts 2020 4th pg dog

Siblings (7)


Lunacrest Victoria's Secret
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Lunacrest Last Drop Falls
Lunacrest Tallulah
Lunacrest Gravenimage
Lunacrest Among The Shooting Stars
Lunacrest Champagne Bath

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